Following God One Step at a Time

Centered, NFL player leaves

This is a very refreshing look at living the good life! The author, Jason Brown, was a talented professional football player.  He played college football at North Carolina and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. 

BUT he left behind all the money and fame to become a farmer in 2012. That’s right, a farmer!

Why? Because he believes God wanted him to be a farmer and give food to the needy.

I am astounded that his wife went along with this plan!

They plan to follow God and raise their children on a farm. It is amazing how the author follows God through each step. Jason prays and puts the outcome in God’s hands.  And God delivers!

Through his First Fruits Farm, he and his family have given over a million pounds of food to the poor.

I love that Jason writes specific examples about the problems that come up, what he prays, and how God answers.

This is an awesome true-life story that will inspire you, and challenge you to follow God in your life too!

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Hallelujah Banquet on Revelation

New book just out on the Book of Revelation !

The book is Eugene Peterson’s simplified description of the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

The messages from God to the main 7 churches in Revelation are what is discussed in the book. The rest of Revelation is not covered.

I found this book refreshing and enlightening.

Revelation is a difficult Book to understand, and Peterson has made it easy to follow!

It is available now! —

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Are You “Searching for Certainty” in an Uncertain World?

Some people say the only certain things in life are — death and taxes.

But I disagree!

I believe that God’s love is a certainty. But how can you be sure?

Shelly Miller has written a book about this — “Searching for Certainty”.

Brand new book to help us deal with shutdowns, homeschooling, shortages at the grocery store, and other disruptions…. Aren’t we all “Searching for Certainty”?

Shelly uses stories of uncertain times from her own life, and what she found that works in her life. She uses quotes from the Bible, as in Exodus when God gave Moses the job of freeing the Israelite slaves in Egypt, and bringing them through a desert to the Promised Land. Do you think Moses was certain? No he was not! But he trusted God.

Shelly also quotes the Psalms, because they are full of crying out to God, and finding assurance that God is with you, a guiding presence through it all.

In the dedication, Shelly says to her two children — “May the certainty of God’s love be your constant companion”.

Shelly brings this book to us, to help us deal with difficult situations. She has seen her share of difficulties — moving from place to place as a child with few steady adult caretakers, working two jobs to pay tuition for college, and job delays that leave her homeless — again going from place to place until the London job is ready so she and her husband can move there from the United States. And even now, as her book is being published, she battles cancer.

She shares advice from her real life experience.

We have choices to make in life. Shelly Miller can help you make some better choices. Read her book, and be encouraged that there is hope for your tomorrows.

–>Get “Searching for Certainty” here!

You can also read a bit of the book, or listen to an excerpt –>Click Here.

If you buy no later than October 12 (2020), you can get some free gifts. Go to her website after you purchased, to –>claim your free gifts.

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A Thousand Treasures

I just finished reading this historical fiction/mystery book by Sandra Byrd.

Lady of a Thousand Treasures is an historical fiction book based in England in 1866, but it’s also an intriguing mystery story!

I must say, the lady pictured on the cover fits the main character of the book perfectly! She is Miss Eleanor Sheffield, who finds herself in control of her family’s business after her father dies.

The historical part focuses on the lives of the characters, and delves greatly into the past-time of many rich people in England — collectibles. Many different art treasures are described. As it happens Miss Sheffield’s family business is buying and selling these treasures.

I was fascinated by this story! There are so many interesting characters, and many have secrets, lies, and schemes to stir up the plot. The Lady must solve several major mysteries, and must make a very difficult decision that will greatly affect her life and the life of her former beau, Lord Lydnee.

In the middle of all this, her family business is going under, and she must find a way to save it!

Oh yeah! This is a great read! I kept picking it up to read more. I may even read it again to see what clues I missed.

This book Lady of a Thousand Treasures is the first book in the “Victorian Ladies Series” by author Sandra Byrd. The 2nd is due out soon, so you have time to read this one first!

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Got Grit? Get Some!

author Shannon Huffman Polson’s new book

Shannon Huffman Polson has lots of grit! In her new book she tells you why women need grit, and how to get yourself some, so you can tackle your next project and succeed!

Shannon Huffman Polson was one of the 1st women to fly an Army Apache Attack Helicopter!! This woman can teach you how to get grit!

Apache Attack Helicopter

Other women’s stories can encourage and inspire you to access grit when you need it! In the book, Shannon shares her story and the stories of other amazing women with lots of grit!

Here they are–

*General Ann Dunwood the 1st woman four-star general in the U.S. Army; *LCDR Krysten Ellis, one of the first women to serve on a submarine; *CPT Shaye Haver 1 of 2 women to graduate in the 1st Ranger school class with women, and now one of the 1st women as infantry commander;  *Sara Faulkner one of the 1st women to graduate and serve as a US CG rescue swimmer; *MG Dawn Dunwoody, White House Fellow and Air Force combat commander;  and more!

Shannon will help you find the way to your own grit.

She will tell you how to know “Why you do it” — a great motivator to keep going when it gets rough.

She inspires by sharing the lessons she’s learned in the Army and in business at Microsoft, and shares stories of other female trailblazers.

If you are a woman in a difficult spot, and you have a goal you want to reach, then you need some grit!

–>Grab a copy of The Grit Factor here!

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Jesus and Women

New Bible study in August 2020 by Lifeway

This is a Bible study workbook by Kristi McLelland, a college Professor, and Bible college graduate. She brings us a brilliant study of Jesus and the women He encountered in the Bible!

I call it brilliant, because she takes a different perspective on these events. She looks at them with Middle Eastern eyes and mind. After graduating with a Master’s degree, she traveled and studied in the Middle East. Now she is sharing the insights she gained about the original Bible. Since the Apostles and Jesus all lived in the Middle East, the Bible is written with ideas and phrases common to the Middle East.

“Jesus and Women” has given me so many new insights from the Bible! 

As the title says, this study is about Jesus and women. In Bible times, women were not respected, not taught Bible study, and a woman’s only purpose was to serve her husband and raise children. But Jesus treats women differently. Jesus talks to women with respect. Jesus teaches women about Scripture. Jesus does not punish women, but lifts them up from shame, to live with respect.

I am about halfway done with this study, so why didn’t I wait until I finished to give a review? Because I want to give you a chance to do this amazing Bible study, while the videos are FREE ! If you are reading this review before October 8, 2020, you still have time to sign up and watch the videos! You will learn so much more if you watch the videos! Kristi McLelland is an engaging teacher. She teaches and encourages all women.

–>Click HERE to sign up for the FREE videos before October 8, 2020!

Note –> You will need a free account with Lifeway. When you go to the link above, you will be able to register for a new account, or log-in to an existing account. You will log-in each time you watch a video. You can also buy the study book from your Lifeway account, or you can order it from Amazon.

So what do you do after October 8? You can purchase or rent the videos, and buy the workbook from Lifeway.

–>Click to buy or rent the videos and workbook for “Jesus and Women”.

I know you will enjoy this eye-opening Bible study!

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Historical Fiction in Haiti

This book is called “Zo” short for Zwazo, the main character.

I love books that make me feel like I am there in the location! This book told me a lot about Haiti and its culture. Zo moves around so we “see” fishing villages, construction sites, the cities of Jeremie and Port-au-Prince, and mountain hillsides.

Zo is a poor orphan boy, but he works hard and makes a good life. He has a strong will to not give up. He learns to do various jobs, so he can make some money. He also has a young woman that he loves. Yes, there is a compelling love story here.

This book also includes the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti. The damage is described in first person, and so are the rescue attempts. I really felt that I was there watching.

Here in the U.S. I had read news about the earthquake, because I have friends who live in Haiti, but this book made it real. It really describes the damage and the changes in Haiti due to the earthquake.

This is the author’s first book. Xander Miller wrote a compelling story, rich in emotion, reality, and Haiti’s people. I am glad I read it, and feel I know Haiti a bit better now.

–>Click to get the book.

(I did receive a Kindle copy of this book from->


Gracie’s Garden

This is a children’s story about a real girl and a real garden.

She and her younger sister and brother love their garden!

The pictures are colorful and cute.

They meet some cute animals, and they learn a lot about gardens.

This book would be great for kids from 5 to 10 years old.

The author (Lara Casey) is a mom of 3, and she set up a garden for the kids to enjoy and learn in. Then she wrote a book about their garden!

Below is a link to a video, so you can meet Lara and her kids.

–>Click for the video.

–>*Click to get the book!

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The Lions of Fifth Avenue

No I’m not talking about escaped lions in New York City…

I am talking about the new book —

The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis!

LionsOfFifthAvenue cover

This is a great mystery!

It starts in New York City in 1913, in the New York Public Library.

A family actually lived inside the library for 30 years! 

For me (a book nerd) that would be awesome!

There are 2 stone lions in front of the library, thus the title of the book.

Anyway, one-of-a-kind books are disappearing.

It ends with a death.

Then 80 years later, the granddaughter ends up working at the NY Public Library.

It is up to her to solve the 80-year-old mystery.

This book grabbed my attention, and never let go!

The author answers —


The theft in the novel is inspired by one that occurred in 1994 at Columbia University’s Butler Library, in which a thief stole $1.8 million in rare books, manuscripts, and letters over the course of three months. I was lucky enough to interview Jean Ashton, the University’s librarian at that time, as part of my research.

It’s a different kind of mystery, and really tough to solve!

At the center of the story is the family living in the library, and the library itself.

Quite unusual, but actually based on history.

There really was an apartment for the Library Superintendent and family to live in.

If you love a mystery, this is a great book!

If you love libraries, this book will indulge you!

Although this book is promoted as historical fiction,

it could also be called historical mystery.

–>Get the book here!

(I did receive an early copy of the book from )

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Best Book in Years!

EducationofIdealist cover

That is exactly what I thought after reading —

“The Education of an Idealist” by Samantha Power —

The best book I have read in years!

It is a memoir by a courageous woman, who has had the most interesting life!

Samantha Power was born into a middle-class family in Ireland.  

They move to the United States, where she goes to school, and becomes a journalist, a war correspondent, living in Bosnia.  Exciting stories there!

Later she goes to law school, becomes a lawyer, and a citizen of the United States.

She wants to be helpful to people, so she ends up moving to Washington DC.  She writes a book, and becomes involved in government work for human rights.

She becomes successful, well-known and respected.  Eventually she is chosen to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations!  She reveals insider information about amazing true events all over the world.  Fascinating!

She travels all over the world, and meets many famous people.

Samantha Power has written about her life, yes, but…

she has written about history from a personal vantage point, talking with individual people to find out what they are dealing with, and what can be done to help them.

I am impressed at her persistence to help every day people, and her ability to find ways to make things happen.  She is effective and caring.  She is inspiring, yet humble.

I recommend that you read this book!

Don’t just listen to me…








If you have not read it yet, –>Get it Here.

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