Following God One Step at a Time



I am so glad you stopped by today!

Faith Counts is my first blog.  I am writing this blog around the theme of “Becoming a Better Christian” by following God one step at a time.  I use my own life experiences to illustrate lessons I have learned.  I am a cancer survivor, who wasn’t expected to survive, so I write about that too.

Every Friday, I post a book review of a current Christian book.  If you are a reader or fellow book reviewer, you can choose “book review” in the Subject box to get the list of book reviews.

I have been a follower of Christ for over 20 years.  I am trying to become more involved in my faith, and find ways to get closer to Jesus. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and find it helpful.

I look forward to sharing with you, and reading your comments. God is truly blessing both both of us today.

5 responses to “About

  1. A Creative Voice Beckons says:

    I am a new fan. I came across your blog when you commented on my blog A Creative Voice Beckons.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Your story is a touching one, of God’s love, grace, and healing. Congratulations on kicking Cancer! God was certainly with you to heal you. You have a tremendous platform to bring Him glory and point many to Him. I love your blog and cannot wait to read more. Be blessed, sweet sister in Christ.


    • I appreciate your encouraging words. My life is in God’s hands, so I am hoping to bring Him glory through my blog. I love meeting people like you online! It is so refreshing, like a drink of cool water.


  3. Janet, I completely agree! God is good to connect us. Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday to encourage another reader in her health challenges. Since you are an overcomer, it means so much! Knowing that someone has fought and conquered gives hope to other Christians who are in the battle. I am just beginning the journey of healthy eating, so please stop by the blog anytime to give the rest of us some pointers.

    And, thank you for your kind words about lent in your post yesterday. You are well on your way to giving up something that is so difficult for the rest of us to relinquish. God bless you in all your pursuits!


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