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The Bible in Order


The most popular book that people read is the Bible!

I’m not reviewing the Bible, but I decided to share today about a Bible Reading plan. 

I just started it a few weeks ago.  I have always been confused about what order things happened in the Bible.  I have tried to read chronological books that turn the Bible into a history format, but I could not finish them.

So, I am now doing a chronological Bible reading plan!

I am using the “As it Happened” reading plan. 

I am enjoying this!

The Bible is divided up by what chapters to read in 1 day to finish reading in 365 days.  It lists the chapters to read as close to historical order as possible.  That means jumping around in the Bible.  It starts in Genesis, then goes to Job, then back to Genesis.  The Psalms are sprinkled in among several different books. 

The plan puts it all in the correct order for you!

I never realized that the Psalms covers such a long stretch of time in history.  In fact, the first part of Psalms I will read chronologically is Psalm 90.  For some reason, chapter 90 covers the earliest history in the book of Psalms. 

Who knew? I didn’t.

Now, you don’t have to do the chronological reading plan.  There are several to choose from. 

The reading plans are also FREE!  Which I love!

–>Choose a plan HERE!

There are plans for reading the whole Bible, or just the New Testament.  There are lots of options.  Once you choose a plan and start it, the site will keep track of where you left off reading.  You can read the Bible on the screen, or you can read in your own Bible and check off each chapter as you read it.

What I like is that if I miss a few days, it just adjusts the reading plan to your schedule.  I don’t stress about it.  When I have time, I read several days worth.  If I am busy, I skip a few days.  I am not worried about when I finish.  I am reading to understand the history in order of how it really happened.

If you have wanted to read the Bible, but you can’t stay focused, these plans are helpful.  If you want to know the history of the Bible, or want to read the entire Bible in one year, there are plans to do that. 

If you can only find time to read 1 chapter each day, there is a plan for that.  It will take you 3 years to read the Bible one chapter per day.  Does that sound like something you could do?

There are also Bible readings on specific topics like “doubt” or “anxiety”.  If you click on a topic, it will give you a 7-day or 14-day devotional to read.  I haven’t tried that yet, but that sounds like it would be helpful if I was dealing with a problem and needed encouragement and guidance. 

–>Browse the topics HERE!

Why not try it?  


If the Creek Don’t Rise

flood high-water-1519088__340

“If the Creek Don’t Rise” is the title of a new fiction book.  

It caught my eye, because with 3 hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, and Maria) all causing flooding, and river flood warnings still going out daily in my area of Florida, “If the Creek Don’t Rise” sounded relevant to me!

The author is Leah Weiss, and this is her first novel.  It is a humdinger!

I was able to get the book at my local library.  Reviews on it have been 4.5 stars all the way! It is a book about life in the Appalachian Mountains.  This area has always been intriguing to me.  Life there is hard and most people were dirt poor.  The descriptions of the homes the characters lived in, and the clothes they wore, are so real.  I felt I was there in the Appalachians watching these people walking through the woods and cooking over a fire, hanging clothes on the line to dry, or making moonshine.  

Life in the Appalachian Mountains had many dangers, like coal mine explosions, or drunk men with guns, or husbands that beat their wife, or illnesses when no doctor was available close enough to help.  They grew there own food and used plants for natural remedies for illness and injuries. This is all in the book.

The life described in this book is very authentic.  My eyes were wide at what these people endured.  Even though this is a novel, it is true that many people in the Appalachians did live this way.  The story is gripping.  The characters’ lives are heart wrenching to read about.  They faced so many challenges, knowing there was no one to help.  They had to do it alone.  Sometimes a neighbor would stop by to help, but they could not count on this.  Most people had their own problems to deal with, and more than enough work to fill their day.

I so enjoyed reading this book!  

I guarantee you won’t be bored!

–>Get your copy HERE

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Daring to Hope


I am so excited to review this new book —

“Daring to Hope” by Katie Davis Majors!

You will find out by reading this book that everything about Katie is “Daring”!

Katie’s smile makes people feel comfortable right away.  It is her love of people that has made her the go-to-person to help those in her community with impossible health situations.  She has provided food, medical care, and even a place to live to those in need.  She also has adopted 13 girls, becoming a very busy single mom over ten years.  I told you she is daring!

This is Katie’s second book about her life.  Reading it will encourage you to love others, and help you find the hope you need to live through difficult times.  Katie is honest in this book.  She tells us there were times she was overwhelmed, and times when she sobbed with grief, and many times she desperately prayed for God to bring a better outcome.  She ultimately finds hope by fully trusting God.

You will be changed by reading this book.  Your mind and heart will be changed.  You might even start praying as Katie does when she meets someone new, she prays that God will give her eyes like His so she can see in them what God sees.

So if you dare, ->CLICK to get “Daring to Hope”!  (It is on sale today, so don’t wait.)

Still not convinced that you need to read this book?

 Ok, then I probably should tell you that at 18, after graduating from high school in the United States, Katie moved to Uganda.  She adopted 13 girls.  She started a charity, ->Amazima Ministries, to help families provide the food and education there kids needed.  Yes this young lady did all this with no training.  All she had was an unshakeable faith in God, and amazing love for people.  She also had a ton of daring! 

This second book, “Daring to Hope”, explains why we have every reason to have hope in our Father God.  He provides everything we need.  He many times provides more than we ever dreamed.  This is certainly true for Katie.  She never dreamed she would be a single mom of 13 girls living in Uganda.  God did that.

So now –>Jump on THIS to get her book, “Daring to Hope”!

I should tell you, if you buy the book (anywhere) before October 3, you can get a free handmade bracelet! 

–>Click HERE for details about the free bracelet.

If you need more convincing, –>click HERE for a video from the author.

If you haven’t read her 1st book, then you might want to get that too.  Katie’s first book is “Kisses from Katie”.  That book is about her life from a high school senior in the United States, to a mom of 13 in Uganda.  Her second book starts from there, but it stands on its own since you already know the basics of her history by reading this post today. 

After reading “Kisses from Katie”, I wrote this post “We can save the world one child at a time”.  I dare you to read it and meet my challenge to you in it!

 –>Read my post HERE!

–>Click HERE to read her first book, “Kisses from Katie”.

I served on Katie’s launch team for “Daring to Hope”, so I received a free copy of the book.  All I did was share the news on social media about her new book, and write this honest review for you all to read.

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Hurricane Irma 1-2 Punch

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry I have not posted on my blog for a couple weeks!  

It started with a vacation to visit family…


then Hurricane Irma set her sights on Florida!

So all outside furniture, plants, and grill… had to be brought inside.  Then there is the news!  The Hurricane is now a Cat 5!  And she is aimed at the whole state! Yikes!

The Hurricane hit as a Cat 3, with a lot of noise!  There was stuff banging against the house, and wind howling.  The power went out! The city sent an emergency message to stay off the streets for 2 days while they cleared streets and live wires — full curfew in effect.

After the hurricane, we bought a generator.  We started cleaning up our yard.  A tree and many large branches filled our back yard (but the house was fine).  We couldn’t even walk through the back yard.  My husband and a neighbor took 2 electric saws (powered by the generator) to the debris and hauled it to the curb.  

I tackled the refrigerator and freezer.  I threw out anything too warm or too thawed.  The food that still had some ice crystals and felt cool, we put in coolers. We bought bags of ice.  We cooked on our propane grill all the hamburger patties and chicken strips and flounder filets we had. We would eat off that for the next four days!

Once we got a small refrigerator hooked to the generator, we moved everything out of coolers except water.  We also hooked up a fan, so we wouldn’t be so miserably hot — 88 degrees with 75% humidity.

Finally Sunday night we got electricity back!

Now the fun of cleaning the refrigerator and freezer, and doing laundry (since we were down to our last underwear and socks).  We went to the grocery story (Publix) and picked up all the essentials we had thrown out before.  

Today we are almost back to normal, except for the piles of yard debris all around the neighborhood.  Thank goodness I could read all this time (no electricity needed for that), so I will be reviewing some new books in the weeks to come.  

Also I had plenty of time to pray.  Believe me, I was praying a lot all through this experience!  Praise God everyone in my family and in my neighborhood are safe!  

I hope to see you here next week.

If you need something to read this weekend, I suggest >“Convicted” by Jameel McGee. This one will shock you!  

Or for an easier read, try >“Daughter of the King” by Amanda Williams, or my favorite of her books >“Lost and Found.    >Here’s my review.


Daughter of the King

This is my review of “Daughter of the King” by Amanda Williams.

This is an enjoyable, fun read.  Just right for a beach read.  It takes place in Florida and Georgia.

The main character, Lexy (short for Alexandra), is in college and getting her first job after graduating.  Of course at that age, she is also involved with boys. Most everyone in the story are Christians, so this is a good clean book, safe for any age to read.  I would say that high school and college age young ladies would enjoy this book the most.  Even moms with daughters would enjoy it for a quick read.

Although I don’t read much fiction, I picked this book because I enjoyed another book, “Lost and Found”, by the same author.  

Click HERE for that book review.

The author has written several books.  –>Find them all HERE. 

Purchase “Daughter of the King”.


Wow! I just noticed that several of Amanda’s books are on sale for 99 cents! (Including “Daughter of the King”.) I don’t know how long the sale will last.  

Check it out! Get a few books while you are HERE.


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Convicted by Lies

Book Convicted

“Convicted” is written by Jameel McGee (the prisoner)

and Andrew Collins (the policeman).

“Convicted” is a true story that is shocking!

First there is the outrage over the treatment Jameel gets from the police, and when he gets sent to prison even though he is innocent! Yes, I felt outrage!

Secondly there is the astonishment that Andrew, a former policeman, would so honestly expose the illegal activities that are practiced by many of the police he worked with, and by Andrew himself!  Truly amazing that he has admitted to everything dishonest that he did. 

BUT then Jesus!  Jesus enters the picture and changes everything!

I was cheering on both of these men – Jameel and Andrew.  What they did is truly awesome!  They went beyond what anyone would expect of them.  It was only their growing faith in Jesus that allowed them to change the outcome of their futures. 

You don’t want to miss reading this book!  It could become a movie one day, but don’t wait for that! READ this book!

–>Click HERE to get your copy!

Yes, I received an advance copy of this book so I could give it an honest review.  These are my opinions alone.  I really did find this book shocking and amazing!  I think this book could help heal some of the anger between whites and blacks in America.  This book tells the truth, and can open our eyes to what is really happening in this country.  It also shows that there is hope for reconciliation, healing, and a better future if we work together.  Read this book to find out how we can work together despite our differences.

–>Read MORE, from the publisher.



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Awaken to God’s Voice

Awaken 51vTJnghXsL

Today I am reviewing —

“Awaken”(90 Days with the God who speaks) by Priscilla Shirer.

This is a devotional with 90 short devotions.  I loved reading this book!

The devotions are short, but packed with encouraging insights.  Each devotion ends with Scripture and a question about your life or about your own relationship with God.  After each question, there is room for you to write your answer inside the book.  Since I have a Kindle version, my answers are in a separate notebook.  Because of this you may want to buy the print version of the book.

–>Go HERE to purchase.

Priscilla says that she wrote this book now, because she felt she had enough life experience as a Christian to write with some wisdom and depth.  She surely did that!  I highlighted a lot in this book!  There is so much good advice.  She is writing from her own life and revealing what has been helpful to her.

Priscilla also points out useful Scripture verses.  I need to memorize some of those!  How about this one?  – Elisha’s prayer in 2 Kings 6:17 is “Lord, please open his eyes and let him see.”  I can pray this for someone else, but I can also pray this for myself. Please open my eyes and let me see!  I want to see God working through the people around me, and I want to see where I can step in and be helpful.

Here is another Scripture that would be good to memorize: “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:32) Most of us have someone we need to forgive. I know I do!

I will definitely be following up on some of the things Priscilla suggests we do to get direction from God and to stay on the right path. 

One way to read this book is to read one devotion each day and answer the questions, then pray for God to show you how to apply it in your day or week.  If you have some days with more time available and other days too busy, you could read several devotions in one day, answering the questions that are easy for you, then return to the harder questions later, after taking time to think about them throughout the day.  I chose to read through the whole thing fairly quickly without answering the questions, and then go back and read more slowly, taking the time to answer each question. 

Whichever way you read this book, challenge yourself to answer each question.   Answering the questions will  “Awaken” you to how God is working in your life, and how you can include Him in your everyday life.

As Priscilla says, God is always there in your prayer times, in His Word, and in your heart.  Just open your eyes and see!

–>Click HERE for the book’s website with more information from Priscilla!


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Reading and Reviewing Books


Yes that is what I do on my blog.  I read books and review them.  

I just finished “Reading with Patrick” by Michelle Kuo.

Funny enough, this book is about reading books and poetry, and writing too.  This book is a memoir about a teacher and her students, and one student in particular, Patrick.  Ms. Kuo is the teacher and the author, and in her book she tells the story about how once we are a teacher, we cannot stop teaching.  She loves teaching.

I enjoyed the story about her desire to help her students in a poor southern town. She was a good teacher in a school where most teachers and their students didn’t care about school.  It was interesting to read about a good teacher and her viewpoint.  

What is different about this story, is that years later she follows up on her students, and finds out what has happened to them in their lives.  It is mostly not good news.  She decides to help one student change that.  This is their story.

I did not like the author’s tendency to self analyze.  She goes into long discussions in her mind trying to figure out her own motives and what she wants to do in her life.  I didn’t like those parts of the book much.  Ms. Kuo is definitely not a psychologist or counselor.  Overall though, I did like the book.

The book also enlightens us by showing that it takes more than one year to change a child’s life.  It takes commitment and years of input and help.  Besides our own children and grandchildren, we don’t normally spend that much time with a child.  Most teachers have a student in their class for one or two years.  Maybe we need more people like the author Ms. Kuo.  We need people who care enough about kids who made a mistake, and give them the opportunity to change and turn their life around.  This book is about such a person, and the one kid she helps.

–>Click HERE to get the book or read more reviews.

Next I will be helping with some new book launches.  Just when I thought I would step back from book reviews and not review every Friday, I have been asked to get more involved.  Since I have been praying about this, I seem to have my answer from God.  I will continue to read and review books every Friday.  One of the book launches I am on, is “Awaken” by Priscilla Shirer.  I will be reviewing this book later in the summer.  I am a fan of Priscilla.  She writes well and she is a great speaker and teacher. Watch for her new book to be out in August!  You might remember her from the movie “War Room”.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should.

–>Check out the movie HERE.  

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Living Life God’s Way

JoeyPlusRory Hymnscdfrt_1024x1024Living life God’s way describes the book “This Life I Live” by Rory Feek.

Rory lays out how his life changed for God when Joey came into it and became his wife. They tried to live their life God’s way.  They tithed 10% of their earnings.  They prayed about decisions.  They took his blessings gratefully and shared them with others.  They even accepted the gift of their child, Indiana, who has Down’s Syndrome.  She is a ray of sunshine! I looked on Rory’s Facebook page and saw some videos of her. –>Check it out! She certainly brightens up their life! (Rory also has two older daughters from an earlier marriage, and they just love Indiana too!)

Rory is a song writer, singer, blogger ( –>Find the blog HERE. ), single father, and widower.  Yes, Joey dies.  I am revealing that because so many people already know that, since Joey and Rory were a popular country music singing duo. –>See their album CDs! Many people followed their blog and watched their TV show.

I had not heard of them until I got this book.  I was starting from scratch, but still I found this book interesting.  Their life is unusual in that it is small farm with chickens and a garden, yet they are famous singers.  Although they are not perfect, this book can be an encouragement to others to also try to live God’s way.

–>Go HERE to get the book!

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The War in Syria


I am combining my Monday and Friday posts today into one, because I have granddaughters coming for a visit this week.  The Monday topic is truth.  Tuesday, June 20 is World Refugee Day.  The Friday book review is “Under the Wire” by Paul Conroy.

This is not a Christian book, but it gives us important information about truth.  Truth is often difficult to hear, but truth is important to know.  Truth is so important that some people are willing to risk their lives to get the truth out to the world.  This book is the true story of people just like that.  Brave people, many who died because they wanted the world to know what was happening in Syria.

This book is about several news reporters, and how they got into the war zone, what they found there, how they lived there, and how they got out, and how some of them died. Paul Conroy, a news photographer, is the author.  He witnessed what has been happening in Syria to the citizens living there.

The people of Syria have been under attack by President Assad for years.  Their homes have been bombed to ruins.  Their children have been shot or blown up.  They have little food and water.  They live under the constant shooting and bombing that threatens their lives and shreds their nerves.

Why don’t they leave?  Many do escape, but it is dangerous.  Many are shot and killed trying to escape.  The military is not letting them leave.  The government wants to kill them all.

Why are the news reporters there? They want to get proof of what is really happening in Syria.  They want to get back to their home countries and tell and show everyone what is truly going on in Syria.  It is a horrible truth, but we need to know.  Then we need to decide what we will do about it.

Will we help the people who do escape? They are refugees now with no home.  Right now, few countries are willing to help them.  Will we provide medical care to the injured?  Or will we turn our backs and allow them all to be killed?

These are tough questions, but we need to know the truth to answer them.  People like Paul Conroy and other news correspondents, and the Syrian people, are risking their lives to get the truth out.  If it is that important to them, to risk their lives so we will know the truth, then we should read the truth.

This is why I picked up this book at a book sale, to read the truth.  It is a difficult story to read.  It is important to read.  It is important to decide what we will do to help the people of Syria.

Will we donate to charities that are helping the refugees and the injured?  

Will we encourage our governments to provide a place for refugees to live?  

At the very least, will we read their story and hear their witness of the truth?

Lies need to be challenged with the truth.

>Click here to find ways to help.

Jump here to get the book —


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