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Lost and Found

“Lost and Found” by Amanda H. Williams

LostandFound Cover51BL5Z7XP2L
This is a great story of intrigue set in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.

Ember is the main character. When her grandfather died, he left his home in the forest to her. She decides to move there. She finds out that some of the people who live there are more dangerous than the bears! (Yes, the forests in Florida have bears. I know because I live in Florida.)
The story is about what happens to Ember in that forest, and the people she meets.
I was mesmerized by this story. The author, Amanda Williams, has created a cast of characters that are so believable and so interesting. There were lots of surprises and some mysteries. I hated to put the book down. This is the first time I have read anything by this author. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really loved this story!

I definitely encourage you to read it!

The good news is that “Lost and Found” is the 1st book in the Forest Chronicles series. The 2nd book will be out later this year. I will definitely be watching for it!

>Click on THIS to get a copy of “Lost and Found!

>Click HERE for a list of all of Amanda’s books!

Amanda has 8 books in all that are published.

You can even buy autographed copies >right HERE!

I met Amanda online. We were both on the launch team for the new book >“My Heart” by Julie Manning. It’s something I do, help launch new books for great authors, as well as writing book reviews.

When I found out Amanda wanted some people to read and review some of her books, I quickly volunteered to read “Lost and Found”, so she sent me a signed copy (so sweet of her). All I promised, as with all the books I review, I promised to read it and write an honest review.

You will always get an honest review from me. Since I hand-pick the books I read to review, I am able to give a positive review for most of them. Some blow me away with their awesomeness! Once in a while I get fooled and have to write a critical review, but that doesn’t happen much, because I’m picky about what I read.

I am so glad I met Amanda and got the chance to read “Lost and Found”, because now I have another talented author I can read and follow!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Lost and Found”, the 1st book in the Forest Chronicles series by >Amanda H. Williams!

author AmandaWilliams71PTjS7P7mL._SY200_This is Amanda H. Williams.

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Love Does

BobGoff This is Bob.

“Love Does” by Bob Goff is an amazing book!

This book is filled with stories that just amazed me.  The author, Bob, says that this book is about love, the kind of love that Jesus lived.  Based on the stories Bob tells in this book, I would say that it is about love that does miracles!

Each story is very different and surprising.  I was interested in knowing what the next story would involve.  Each story was motivating, and did I say surprising? Yeah, that!

The book also gives some information about Bob’s life.  He does not lead an ordinary life!  His life is in these stories.  Imagine living a life filled with fun, surprises, love, joy, courage, and helping people. 

This is the life Bob lives!

Does Bob make some mistakes in his life? Sure.  He tells about some of them in the book.  But he does not let the mistakes stop him!  He used to be bothered by it as a kid, but not anymore. 

Bob looks past mistakes and jumps into the next adventure!

This is not a book about faith or Jesus, although Bob mentions faith and Jesus in the book.  This is more a book about living a life filled with love!  Bob says that Jesus is looking for us to join Him in loving people, and that we need to stop thinking about life, and get in and participate!  Bob says living the way he does is contagious. 

Bob calls his life whimsical.  That is exactly the word he used.

One of the stories in the book is about a game his family plays called “Bigger and Better” and it starts with a dime.  Then you try to make that dime into something as big and better as you can.  It’s a funny and amazing story you don’t want to miss.

Actually, this book is one you don’t want to miss, because it is fun to read! 

And it’s true!

HaHaHaHaHaHa, He did what?!  LOL No way!  Awesome! 

Don’t believe me? Just read it.

>Click HERE to get Bob’s book.  (I found it at my local library.)

Oh and if you want a more up to date book of such amazing stories —

then get “Love Lives Here“ written by Bob’s wife, Maria Goff. 

It was just published on March 7 and is available now!  I haven’t read it yet, but people say it is full of more new stories about their life together.

Click on THIS to buy Maria’s new book!

LoveLivesHere MariaGoff575752586


Oh and by the way, the Goffs have a charity called “Love Does” that helps kids in Uganda in Africa, and a few other countries.  You can sponsor a kid for as little as $10/month!  Awesome!

Why not >Click IT to donate  $10/month?

>Click MORE to give more and find out more.

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Christ’s 40 Commandments


This is my book review of “Christ’s 40 Commandments”by Renee Valverde Wagenblatt; however, it is not really a book.  It is a list of what the author has determined are commandments given to us by Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible.

This listing is useful in that it gives us the commandments of Jesus in a brief form, rather than sifting through the Bible.  The author gives her reason for compiling the 40 commandments, because Jesus says in John 14:15, “If you love me, keep my commands.”  If you want to know what commandments Jesus told us to follow, then this listing does that for you.

Although the author listed all the commandments from the four Gospels, she states that all 40 commandments are in the book of Matthew.  So if you want to read the commandments for yourself, you can just read the book of Matthew in the Bible.

The author does put these 40 commandments in several lists to make them easier to find by topic alphabetically, and lists each commandment with one of the Bible verses that gives the command, and lists each commandment with all of the Bible verses in the four Gospels that repeat the commandments.  Of these, I found the “40 Commands with One Verse” the most helpful.

In addition, the author put in the appendix a listing of things that are blessed, and things that are woes.  I found these interesting to read.  For example, the author lists Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”  And for woes, Matthew 18:7 is listed, “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble!…”  Also, there is a list of the miracles of Jesus, which is also nice to have.

I do not think of Jesus giving us commandments.  The Ten Commandments came from God to Moses.  Maybe it would make more sense to call this a list of Christ’s 40 commands.  In any case, I do not agree with her list entirely.  Some of the commandments she lists, do not seem like commands to me.  Some of them are more like truths that Jesus told us.  For example, the author lists Matthew 10:32, “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.”  To me this is a truth or a promise, but not a command that we need to do.

So the best I can say is that the author felt a need to know what commands Jesus gave us, since he says if we love him, to keep his commands.  She did provide us with a list.  There is no commentary or evaluation or interpretation.  This is simply a list, actually several lists. 

>Click HERE if you want to purchase a copy.

What do you think?  Did Christ give us 40 Commandments?

 I would love to read your comments!

I did receive a free copy through BookLook Bloggers, in order to write an honest review.  I appreciate the opportunity to read books for free and give my opinion of them.  I have received many good books from >  If you have a blog, and would like to get free books to review on your blog, head on over to their website.

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Called For Life


“Called for Life” is the story of Kent and Amber Brantly’s lives.

This book is fascinating!  I find it amazing that Kent and Amber Brantly decided to move to Liberia, a poor country with dirt roads, and very little health care available, despite a number of contagious diseases which are widespread, including tuberculosis, diarrhea diseases, and malaria.  Liberia is also extremely vulnerable to food shortages.

They made the decision because they believed they were called by God to do it.  During their training, Kent as a doctor, and Amber as a nurse, they knew they wanted to at least do short term missionary trips to provide health care to the poor.  They ended up staying in Liberia with their two children for about nine months.

Their story is told from the time of meeting each other, and getting their medical training, getting married, and the births of their two children.  Then their story moves to Liberia, and the complications that arise when Ebola is found in surrounding countries.  Kent ends up with direct responsibility to set up and maintain the hospital’s protocol in Liberia for treating Ebola patients, and for preventing anyone else from getting the disease.  Kent was on the front line fighting this dangerous virus.  Ebola has a 50 – 70% death rate, depending on the treatment received.  Both Kent and Amber showed  great courage.

If you followed the news on Ebola in 2014, you will probably remember seeing a doctor from Liberia being flown to the U.S. for treatment of Ebola.  That doctor was Kent.  He was the first person ever treated in the U.S. for Ebola.  The book tells about his diagnosis in Liberia and early treatment there with little medical equipment or supplies.  They did not have even a stethoscope or IV pump.  Then it tells the story of making arrangements to fly him to the U.S., which was difficult, because Ebola is so contagious.

The difference in the health care Kent received in Liberia, compared to his treatment in the U.S., is astronomical.  Thankfully neither Kent’s wife Amber, nor their children, caught Ebola.

Kent’s generosity did not end with his medical care in Liberia.  After his recovery, he provided several people in the U.S. with his blood, to improve their chances of survival from Ebola with his antibodies. 

Kent wants to use his life to help people in meaningful ways, to thank God for saving his life.  Only God knows where else Kent will be called to work.

Kent and Amber Brantly are an amazing couple, who live a life surrendered to God’s call on their lives.  Their story will amaze and inspire you! 

Kent’s advice to us —

choose compassion over fear for helping people in need.

>Click HERE  to read part of their book.

>Click on THIS to purchase the book, “Called for Life”.

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Humbled by Love

medicalcare-africa-1660ke-b-363-1-359x240 (Picture credit: Samaritan’s Purse of Dr. Roskos)

Have you ever been humbled by something another person did?

Kent and Amber Brantly went to Liberia to provide health care in an area with few doctors and little medical supplies.  Kent is a doctor and Amber is a nurse.  They also have two children, and they all moved to Liberia.  They continued to work there even during the deadly Ebola virus epidemic.  Reading their book, >“Called by Life, I was amazed and humbled by their willingness to help strangers, knowing the dangers of helping people with Ebola. 

During their time in Liberia, only one person out of one hundred survived Ebola at the hospital where the Brantleys worked.  Kent did get Ebola, and nearly died.  He was evacuated by airplane to continue treatment in Atlanta, Georgia.  He survived after a month long ordeal.  His wife Amber and their two kids had left Liberia a few days earlier to head to the U.S. for a family wedding.  They did not get the disease.  Yet Kent and Amber had been willing to risk it.  Amazing!

Kent says in the book that he was humbled by all the doctors and nurses who volunteered to take care of him, even though he had a deadly and very contagious disease.  I know that I too was humbled by all the people praying for me when I was battling cancer for several years.  I was also humbled by my cancer doctor, who was available by phone 24/7 during my treatments.  During cancer I never felt so loved, not just by friends and family, but by people who did not know me. 

Part of love is compassion for other people.  Going through a trauma yourself gives us compassion for hurting people.  Whether we experience a car accident that puts us in the hospital, or cancer that requires years of treatments, or get too sick to even get out of bed, the experience gives us a new level of compassion for anyone suffering a serious health concern.

Somehow our fear gets overshadowed by the compassion.  And our heart that did not care about strangers, instead fills with compassion.  It is one way that God can use a difficult experience we suffer through to grow our spiritual capacity for love.  As Jesus said, the second most important commandment is “love your neighbor”.  The thing is, for people like the Brantlys, a neighbor is even a stranger half-way across the world.  Yes, humbling love.

It is so easy to make excuses not to help someone.  When you feel compassion, somehow the excuses don’t matter anymore. 

>Click Samaritan’s Purse for more information on medical missions.

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Detours in Your Life


Have you ever been on a detour?

Frustrating right?  Just when you think you’ll get there with some time to spare, there is a detour, and now you are running late. 

And it’s hard to be patient!

You know there are repairs that need to be done, BUT you hate to be late!

This book is like that.  Yeah. Not only is Tony Evans writing about God’s detours that happen, but he has written a book that reads like a detour.  It’s called obviously —


You start out expecting this book to start like gangbusters as some of Tony’s sermons, but it lays a foundation first.  It goes slowly, so we all understand what is a spiritual detour.

Tony Evans quote –“We think that because of our own hookups, human abilities, talent, contacts, or even our own resources – that if we just toss a prayer on top – we can get to where we want to go. … God doesn’t work that way.”

As I kept reading, the book was getting more interesting, and moving along at a good clip.  Then it jumped into turbocharge!  The points were flying by!  I had to pay more attention, and even re-read a few pages to be sure I understood. 

The detour Tony Evans took us on, to lay out the foundation, was a really good idea.  Without the foundation, I would have missed how God works through detours.  I would have missed that we need to involve God in our detours.

What Tony Evans tells us in general, is that detours are good things when you bring God into your plans, into your problems, and into your daily life.  It is true that detours are no fun, but without the foundation, the structure, and the development of the plans, the outcome would fail. 

If you want God’s plan for your life to be successful, then you have to be willing to take some detours.

This new book “Detours” by Tony Evans tells you how to involve God in your life plans and problems, how to recognize detours, and how to patiently walk through the detours knowing that God has a great outcome planned.

>Click here  if you want to get your hands on a copy of “Detours”.

>Click here  to read part of the book by Tony Evans by clicking the book cover.

Jump on the website!  You will find more of Tony Evans’ teachings and background.

I would so appreciate you sharing this review on Facebook or Twitter.  The buttons are down below this post to make it real easy for you.  Thank you!

I did receive a free copy of this book from B&H Books, so I could write an honest review of the book.  Hopefully you just read my review, so click on the links above and find you a copy to read!

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Katharina and Martin Luther



The Black Cloister where Katharina and Martin Luther lived.

Katharina and Martin Luther by Michelle DeRusha

This book is fascinating! Who knew that Martin Luther, the reformer of Protestant Christian religion as we know it today, a former Catholic monk and priest, married a runaway nun?  She was twenty-four when she escaped from the convent.  Even so, once married several years later, they lived in an abandoned monastery in Germany, the Black Cloister.  They both had received death threats because of their marriage.  They had 6 children, and many visitors at the monastery.  Their life was very busy, and Martin traveled often to give sermons or participate in religious debates.  Yes, he was instrumental in beginning the Protestant Christian religion, but his personal life was also eventful. 

This is one of the best biographies I have read!

Katharina, Martin’s wife, lived an incredible life as well.  The work she had to do to keep up the monastery and the household for their family is heroic.  I never knew anyone who worked as hard as she.  She also was very talented in many ways, as with natural medicines, butchering animals for food, and running the household finances.  Luckily for the Luthers, Katharina had received good schooling at the convent where she grew up.  At that time, most women were illiterate, but Katharina could read and write (in both Latin and German), and she had memorized portions of the Bible, especially the Psalms.

Martin Luther was also, though poor, well-educated.  He eventually earned a doctorate – Doctor of Biblia- meaning “teacher of the Bible”.  He published many papers.  He taught at a University, and was preacher to the Augustinian monks in Wittenberg.  This was the background of the man who later wrote the “Ninety-Five Theses” that were nailed to the church door of the Castle Church, making the public announcement of the start of the Protestant Christian religion.

Michelle DeRusha tells a fascinating tale of intrigue, rebellions, escapes in the night, illnesses and deaths.  This is like the dramas seen in current historical TV on Masterpiece Theater!  It is hard to believe that church history could be so interesting.  I will definitely by watching for Michelle’s future books.  She can really tell a story!

>Click here to read or purchase this book.


I did receive a free digital copy from the Publisher through >, so that I could write this honest review.

NetGalley Challenge

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Prayer Changes Things


My motto is “Prayer changes things”. 

Having grown in my faith, and grown in my prayer life over the years, I see how they interplay.  As faith grows, we turn to prayer; as we receive answers to prayer, our faith grows.  They build on each other.

For several years I led the prayer ministry at a Christian church.  During that time I bought some books on prayer.  Two of them I still have on my bookshelf.  They were instrumental in my own prayer life, and in leading the prayer ministry.  I want to share with you why I am recommending these books.

One is a classic, “What Happens When Women Pray”

by Evelyn Christenson.

The other is a prayer powerhouse, “Let Prayer Change Your Life”

by Becky Tirabassi.

The subtitle of this one by Becky is “How You Can Release God’s Power”.  That summarizes this book quite well.

Evelyn’s book “What Happens When Women Pray”, covers topics you would expect in a classic on prayer.  Here are some of the chapters:

“Prayer is the answer”I love this chapter.  Some people make fun of people who say, “I will pray for you.” But I agree with Evelyn that prayer is THE answer to any problem!  I cherish the people who have prayed for me through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, divorce, and cancer.  I am alive today and happily married because of those prayer warriors.

“Forgiven as we forgive”.

“Praying in One accord”.

 “How to pray in God’s Will”.

“God never makes a mistake”.

“Where, when, and to whom we pray”.


“Telephone prayer chains”.  I don’t know if you are familiar with prayer chains.  I’m not sure if churches are still using it.  To begin with the prayer ministry I led consisted of a telephone prayer chain with several groups of women on a list.  When a prayer request came in, one person was called in each group, and then she called the next person on her list.  In this way, many people were praying for the same prayer request the same hour, and even more during the rest of that day.  We were a small church, so this was effective for the few prayer requests we got. 

In addition, I had each group pray regularly for one of the ministers at the church and one of the elders.  Each group had a minister and an elder to pray for.  In that way, all the ministers and elders were prayed for throughout each week and each month, all year.  I also added an annual prayer retreat, and a 24-hour prayer sign-up for The National Day of Prayer.  Basically, I had led a classic prayer ministry.

Becky’s book, “Let Prayer Change Your Life”, ramped up my belief in prayer.  My eyes were opened to the power of God that is released through prayer! Please don’t let anyone tell you that prayer is not important.

For example, Becky tells a story about prayer that she experienced.  She was on her way to lead a prayer workshop The location was far enough away that she had to fly there.  At the airport she found out that the airport was shutting down for a couple hours because of construction on the runway.  She called to tell the host for the workshop that she would be arriving there a couple hours later than planned.  The person on the line prayed while they were on the phone.  Becky then went through security, and then heard that the construction was cleared and the plane would leave on time.  She then made a quick call to the host again and told her of the quick answer to her prayers.  Only later did she find out that the delay was not construction, but a bomb.  A local sheriff had decided to remove the bomb himself, instead of waiting for a bomb squad.  Talk about answered prayer!  Not only was the plane on time, but no one was injured by the bomb!

Please don’t ever let anyone tell you that prayer is not important!

Becky’s book chapters include these insights about Prayer:

“Prayer fuels faith”.

“Prayer teaches trust in God’s Plan and our purpose”.

“Prayer releases God’s power”.

And “Prayer unleashes love for God”.

And all that is in addition to the chapter “The Blessings and Benefits of Prayer”.

If that list doesn’t get you eager to read a book on prayer, then maybe I can encourage you by asking you to —

>click on one of the links below to read more about these two books.

Purchase one or both, or find them in your local library. They don’t cost much, and they could change your life, because I believe that “Prayer Changes Things”.

>“What Happens When Women Pray” at Barnes & Noble both new or used plus shipping.

>“What Happens When Women Pray” at Amazon both new with Prime free shipping and available used with shipping.

>“Let Prayer Change Your Life” at Barnes & Noble online only used for $1.99 plus shipping.

>“Let Prayer Change Your Life” at Amazon, available used with shipping.

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My Heart


Julie Manning lived a normal life with her husband and young son.  She had gone back to school to become a nurse, and was working with children who had heart problems.

Then on the day she was to give birth to their second son, her life changed.  She found out that she had a very dangerous health condition – heart failure.  Her life and her family’s lives all changed on that day.

What is amazing is that this story is real.  This book reads like a drama, an intense fictional story, but it is a true story.  Julie Manning is living this story.

Reading this book is an awesome experience.  I feel like I did not breathe the whole time I was reading it.  It was hard to put down.  Julie tells her story so well, with so much honesty and emotion, that you can’t help but feel like a close friend worrying for her.

Not only does Julie accept her heart condition, but she lives it with courage and an amazing faith in God.  She does not close herself up in her house out of fear, no she bravely goes about living her life, and being a wife and mother.   I do not know how she can express herself with such calm focus.  I would not have been surprised if she was weeping out of grief, and screaming with fear or anger, and yelling at God, but she does none of those things.

Julie calmly picks up a pen and begins to journal her experiences, and to write letters to her two sons.  She shares some of these journal entries, and letters with us, so we can hear her thoughts about faith and purpose in God.  We hear her love for her sons, and her hopes for them.  I have never heard anyone express these thoughts before.  I never even thought of asking for these things that she is hoping and praying for her boys.  I cannot help but wish I knew her, but at least I learn a lot about her as she tells her story in this book.

I cannot say this to you strongly enough.  You really need to read this book I think it is urgent that you read this book.  Really, this book has the potential to change your life, and the lives of your current or future spouse and children for the better, so much better!  All you have to do is read this book, and use her life as an example of what your life could be.  You can have a life filled with love, hope, and purpose.  Yes you can!  Julie tells you how she does it.

I truly believe that if you read this book, and really listen to what Julie is saying to her sons, and to you, this book will knock your breath away!  This book could change the way you look at your daily life, and your relationship with your family, and with God.  Yes, this book is written that well.  Yes, this book contains an amazing true story, told with extreme honesty and vulnerability.

Julie Manning, I give you a standing ovation!  Your life is a role model for us.  I feel that in my life I missed so much love and purpose that could have been there if I had only known it was possible. 

I hope and pray that you younger women will read about Julie’s life, so you have the chance to know what your life can be, and be encouraged and inspired, to cultivate it in your own life. 

This book will astonish you!  This book will knock your socks off!

Just order this book, >Click HERE!   It will be available to ship on February 1, 2017.

On Amazon read part of the book now >Click HERE.

You can buy this book in book stores beginning February 1, 2017.

If you buy the book before February 28, 2017, you can submit a copy of your receipt to receive a special reward – a FREE prayer journal from Julie.  To submit your receipt >Click HERE, then click “Redeem Today” at the top of the My Heart website page.

Find out more about Julie’s life and the book, at her website >

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Great Books by Presidents


Because of the inauguration of a new U.S. President this week, I am reminded that there are many excellent books written by our country’s Presidents that cover fascinating and important historic events.   According to “Good Reads”, there are 117 books written by our Presidents, starting with George Washington.  Many of these books were written before being elected President.  To see Good Reads’ complete list, >click HERE.

Since I am interested in books by Presidents, I thought you might be too.

I will focus today on only the books written by a U.S. President (not written by someone else about a President) because I think a first person account on their own life is more compelling.  I am also focusing on those books written after being elected to the Presidency.  To me these books will have discussions of the most important historical events from the point of view of the top decision-maker on the issues.   I also focus on the more recent Presidents, as I am more familiar with that history, and so more interested in reading about them.

Some of the books I have personally read, and some are recommended on lists.

The top 10 list by CBS includes a book from each of these Presidents:  Obama, Reagan, Carter, Kennedy, Truman, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Grant, Madison, and Washington.  Of these I found several to recommend.  To see the entire list, >click HERE

“The Reagan Diaries” by Ronald Reagan, which is taken from his daily diary that he kept during his Presidency.  No other President has kept a daily diary.

“Memoirs By Harry S. Truman: 1945 Year of Decisions”, called a “must read on the CBS list, because it is written so candidly about the death of President Roosevelt, WWII and the use of atomic weapons.

“Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings”, is recommended because he is said to be the best writer of all our Presidents.  Interestingly, of all our Presidents, President Lincoln has had the most books written about him. 

A #1 N.Y. Times Bestseller, “An Hour Before Daylight”, by President Carter, is written about his boyhood growing up in rural Georgia.  The title refers to the time he would get up each day to work on his father’s farm.  The New Yorker calls it “an American classic”.

Another #1 N.Y. Times Bestseller is “My Life” by President ClintonThe original version of this book, which I read, was 1,000 pages.  Currently it is sold as 2 volumes.  I found this book to be fascinating!  It is amazing how many people President Clinton has met, and vividly remembers.  There are so many good stories in this book it is worth the time to read it.

Because it covers so many important events, I am including here, “Decision Points” by President George W. Bush.  It includes the 9/11 attacks, starting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I must list “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety” by President Carter, even though I am still reading it.  This book is a treasure, as the author has 90 years of experiences that he can pull from to share wisdom and reflection.  He may be the only 90-year old President to write a book at that age!

“A Nation of Immigrants” by President John F. Kennedy sounds very interesting to me, as the issue of immigrants was a hot topic during the campaign for our current PresidentAlthough his life was cut short by an assassin, I do not want to leave President Kennedy off my list.  He surely has an interesting perspective.

Although this last book was written before he was a U.S. President, he was offered a book contract because he was elected the first black president of the “Harvard Law Review”. Later becoming the 1st black U.S. President, historically makes this book an American classic.  It was also included in the Top 10 CBS list as well.  This book deals with President Obama’s heritage, and since there was much made of where he was born during his campaign for President, this book does cover his life in Hawaii, and should have settled that issue at least for those who read the book. “Dreams From My Father” by President Obama is a book about a man who never really knew his father, because he left shortly after his son was born in Hawaii, and his father later died in a car accident.  Still his father changed his life, because his father was black.  I definitely want to get my hands on this book to read with poignant recall of connections to his future as a two-term U.S. President.

If you want to read more about these books you can go to Good Reads’ list >HERE.

If you want to purchase one of these books you can go to  and in the search window type the title of the book you want.

I hope this list of books by U.S. Presidents has intrigued you.  If there are other books you would like to suggest for my list, >please let me know in the comments below.

In case you are wondering why Donald Trump is not in this list, he only just became President, so there are no books to list.  We will have to see if he writes a future book as President.



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