Following God One Step at a Time

Worship is not about us

Worship is not about us.  Worship is all about God!

We owe it to God to worship Him.

To worship God we need a relationship with Him.

We can get a closer relationship with God by reading the Bible, and through prayer.  I am talking about prayer where we seek to know Him and hear His voice, to thank Him, not to ask for things.

How do we worship God?

  • We can praise Him with our words of thanks.  We can praise Him with song. 
  • We can praise Him with our hands raised in awe or in surrender to Him.
  • We can honor Him by reading Scripture out loud.
  • We can honor Him with gifts of donations.  We can honor Him with our service to others. 
  • We can bow low or kneel in submission to honor Him.
  • We can dedicate to God, something we create, like a song or painting or poem.
  • We can jump or shout with joy from the goodness of God.  Shout “hallelujah” or “praise God”.
  • We can glorify Him through all these ways of worship.

I dedicate the comments section below for worship of God.  Please add your praise and worship comments.

Since this is the 4th of July weekend, here is a patriotic song.  We can give thanks to God for our “one nation under God”.  Please listen to Canadian Brass playing, “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Happy 4th of July!