Following God One Step at a Time

After the Hurricane

My husband, I and our home were in the path of category 4 hurricane Matthew!

We were 5 miles away from the mandatory evacuation area.  We had been through two other hurricanes before, so we knew we would not be flooded out.  What we didn’t know was whether a tree would fall and smash our roof or break windows.  We had never been in a category 4 storm before!

We prayed for days before.  We prayed for the people of Haiti, because we know missionaries there, and the people in Haiti mostly live in shacks, not able to withstand a hurricane.  We prayed more, and we discussed our options.  We felt it was safe to stay in our home, but we did prepare, and we planned to ride out the worst of the storm in our downstairs bathroom, because it was small and had no windows, so it should be the most secure part of our home. 

Friends on Facebook offered to pray for us, so I asked them to pray for the hurricane winds to slow and move away from the coastline, out into the ocean.  We watched the storm make its way through Haiti, where hundreds died, and 100,000 were left without a home.  We watched the storm go through the Bahamas, and head toward Florida.  Hurricanes take days to complete their path of destruction.  This hurricane was moving less than 10 miles per hour, giving it more time to cause damage and flooding. 

We continued to pray, and counted on many others to be praying too. 

When I heard that the hurricane was now downgraded to a category 3, I cheered and thanked God!  I knew the prayers were being answered.  The next good news was that the storm had moved about 10 miles off shore!  I jumped for joy!  We still had a rough storm to ride out, but we knew that we and our home would survive it.

After the storm was past us and several towns north of us, we dared to look out and see what the storm had done.  Our neighborhood streets were clear and there was no flooding there.  There were several trees down in our yard, but none had hit our house.  There was debris everywhere, and we had no electricity, but we had water, and we praised God, because it could have been so much worse.

On the news the reporter was interviewing a woman who had evacuated and returned to find her house smashed by a tree.  She said her life was over.  But no, her life was not over.  Now she had a chance to rebuild, clean up, and find a closer relationship with God.  She was hit hard, but her life was not over.  If she believed in Jesus, she would know that.

Every day since the hurricane, I have been praising God!

So many people are saying they are so happy, because the storm could have been so much worse.  I spent Sunday reading the Bible, listening to Christian music, praying, and thanking God for answering prayers and keeping people safe.  There were very few deaths in the U.S.  I also prayed for Haiti to get needed food and water and shelter to the people in need there. 

I know a missionary couple (Sarah and Kivins) who live and work in Haiti. 


They have a school and church that is still standing.  Although they and all the people from the school and church are alive, only the missionary’s home survived. They need shelter, water, and food.  The people of the town of Jeremie have nothing. If you can donate please send checks to Jeremie Christian Mission, P.O. Box 273, Scottsmoor, FL 32775 .  In the memo write “Hurricane Relief”. 100% of the donations will go to those in need. Thank you for your mercy and generosity.

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Worship is not about us

Worship is not about us.  Worship is all about God!

We owe it to God to worship Him.

To worship God we need a relationship with Him.

We can get a closer relationship with God by reading the Bible, and through prayer.  I am talking about prayer where we seek to know Him and hear His voice, to thank Him, not to ask for things.

How do we worship God?

  • We can praise Him with our words of thanks.  We can praise Him with song. 
  • We can praise Him with our hands raised in awe or in surrender to Him.
  • We can honor Him by reading Scripture out loud.
  • We can honor Him with gifts of donations.  We can honor Him with our service to others. 
  • We can bow low or kneel in submission to honor Him.
  • We can dedicate to God, something we create, like a song or painting or poem.
  • We can jump or shout with joy from the goodness of God.  Shout “hallelujah” or “praise God”.
  • We can glorify Him through all these ways of worship.

I dedicate the comments section below for worship of God.  Please add your praise and worship comments.

Since this is the 4th of July weekend, here is a patriotic song.  We can give thanks to God for our “one nation under God”.  Please listen to Canadian Brass playing, “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Happy 4th of July!