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Nonfiction November week 4


This week we are finding out what makes a book our favorite!

The best way I know to figure this out is to look at books that are some of my favorites…

–>Finding Beautiful — the true stories of 12 women who went through a life transformation

–>Surviving the Island of Grace — memoir of a woman who lives on an island in Alaska, working as a salmon fisherman

–>A Second Chance at Heaven — memoir of a woman literally saved from hell

–>50 Women Every Christian Should Know — short biographies of women in history

–>Breaking Cover — the memoir of a female CIA agent

–>The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (historical fiction) — story of a woman during the depression who delivers books to dirt poor people in the Appalachians

–>Hidden Figures — true story of Black woman mathematicians at NASA

–>My Heart — memoir of a mother with a serious heart condition

The theme running though all of these book favorites is —

— a strong woman central character, who struggles through problems,

and ends up victorious!

These women are each an inspiration to me!

These are the kinds of books that encourage me to struggle on through life’s problems, and celebrate each victory, each joyful moment of discovery, each time of peaceful serenity.

I will never understand how some people go through life and never read a book.  They obviously don’t know what they are missing!

–>Click Nonfiction November for book favorites of other nonfiction bloggers.

So what makes a book your favorite?  Share in the comments below…


Celebrate Christian Women Authors!

Books for your Christmas list!

I LOVE Christian women authors!  They are so generous, kind, and encouraging.  These women give so much of themselves to their writing and their readers!  They have open, loving hearts, sharing their life with us, praying for us.  They share the love of Jesus, and they share their insights with us, teaching their readers, and challenging us to live better as true Christians sharing the love of God, and following Jesus.

If you haven’t found this out, then you need to check out the books of some of the women I am celebrating here! (in no particular order)

Holley Gerth —  My favorite book of Holley’s is You’re Already AmazingYou can read part of it on Amazon, and even grab a copy for yourself.  Her website is

Ann Voskamp My favorite book of Ann’s, is the one I am reading now.  It is her full-color book Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, which prepares our hearts for Christmas.  It can be used as part of Advent leading up to Christmas, or you can read it any time of the year.  It is especially good when read out loud to children, because of the beautiful illustrations.  I am loving just reading it myself, and love all the beautiful colors, a real visual treat, as well as a good reminder of who Jesus is.  This book is a keepsake!  Take a look at it, or read my book review.  

If you haven’t read Ann’s first book, you really must read it, or one of the shortened versions of it “1000 Gifts”  I guarantee if you read it, and keep a journal listing the gifts, your life will change for the better. 

Mary DeMuth My favorite book of Mary’s is The Day I Met Jesus.  This is the only fiction book on this list.  It is about several women who are briefly mentioned in the Bible.  Mary brings them to life in this book.  (Mary co-authored this book with Frank Viola.)  I also helped launch this book.  Mary’s new website is

Jennie AllenMy favorite book of Jennie’s is simply called “Anything”.  The book is not simple.  It involves making a difficult decision.  Making that decision, will change your life.  Don’t just read about it, do it! Check out the new revised edition,  and here is my book review.   Jennie also leads the organization IF:Gathering, which will happen again this February and can be livestreamed.  Visit to learn more.

Margaret Feinberg My favorite book of Margaret’s is Wonderstruck.  This book was a life-changer for me!  I have read many of Margaret’s books now, but Wonderstruck was the first one that I read.  It opened my eyes to the wonder of God, to see His greatness all around us.  I also helped launch Margaret’s newest book, Fight Back With Joy  about her choice to fight through cancer with joy.  As a fellow cancer survivor, I really enjoyed this book too, so encouraging.

Beth MooreIt is very difficult for me to pick a favorite of Beth’s books.  Beth is the first Christian Women’s author I read as a new Christian.  Beth is also the author of the first Bible study I ever did.  To say that Beth Moore influenced me does not describe what Beth has done in my life.  I learned how to be a Christian from her.  I learned so much about Jesus from her.  I saw the love of Jesus in her heart, and my love for Jesus grew.  I never knew how good a relationship with Jesus could be, until I got to know Beth through her books, her Bible studies, her blog … Beth got me to memorize Scripture on her blog.  I never could do it before, but Beth encouraged all of us blog readers, and I went right along and amazed myself that in one year I memorized 24 Scriptures!  So thank you, Beth!  Drumroll please!…….. My favorite Book by Beth Moore is “Audacious”! It is her newest book, and to me, it is her best. Of course, I wrote a book review!

Joyce Meyer – Joyce inspires me.  She is the first woman preacher I ever heard of!  I have read so many of her books.  The book that helped me the most, when I needed it the most, is Be Healed in Jesus’ NameThis book helped get me through cancer.

Shelly MillerShelly is a blogger and so much more.  That’s how we met.  I include her in this list because I pray for her daily right along with the list of authors here.  Because her first book will be out next year!  I am so excited about it!  It is about the Sabbath (don’t know the title yet).  Watch for it!  You can read her now on her blog    Shelly also leads an online group about Christians who want to have a Sabbath day each week .  This is the Sabbath page on her blog.

These women are all very special to me.  I love them, appreciate them, and I pray for them daily.  I give thanks to God for introducing me to them through their writing, and giving me the opportunity to stay in touch with them through the internet.  I try to give back a little encouragement to each of them through emails, my blog and my book reviews, and comments on their blogs.  I have also helped to launch some of their books.  The relationships I have with these ladies proves to me that we can make friends on the internet, and these friendships can be a true blessing.  Pick up and read some of their books, and read some of their blog posts, and I think you will see that these are amazing women, and you will be enriched by getting to know them.