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The Listening Road

on June 21, 2021

I just finished this unusual memoir….

The Listening Road is about a special project that was a dream of one man, the author Neil Tomba.

He wanted to ride a bicycle across the country (USA) and talk to people about life and faith.

This simple idea grew into an ocean to ocean cross-country ride with two vans of support people, and 3 people who rode all the way — Neil, Wes, and Caroline.

Neil tells the story about their experiences riding through wind and rain and hot sun, and about all the people they met, and the interesting conversations they had. They talked with a wide array of people, and almost everyone had something interesting to say!

This was an interesting read. I really liked Neil’s attitude of listening to what people had to say, and not arguing with them. It’s a great way to make friends!

Hey, take a look at this book! –->The Listening Road

It’s an enjoyable summer read!

2 responses to “The Listening Road

  1. kegarland says:

    It’s an important, but challenging skill.


    • For sure! In the book, the author sometimes struggle not to argue with the person. It took effort to stay quiet and just listen, but the reward was learning more about the person, and ending up with a friend instead of an enemy. It’s a good habit to practice. I have been working on it this year, even on social media.

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