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Surviving Savannah

on March 5, 2021

I totally loved this new book! — Surviving Savannah by Patti Callahan

It tells the story of a ship that left Savannah, Georgia in 1838, and sunk due to an on board explosion.

It tells the stories of the people on the ship who died, and those who survived.

Such an interesting story! I learned about diving on sunken ships, and collecting the valuables and the clues they offer. I also learned about the ways people used to survive the sinking. (You never know, it could be very useful information if ever on a sinking boat.)

The survivors coped with their trauma very differently. In the end, all their lives were changed dramatically.

Patti Callahan has crafted a very good piece of historical fiction!

It is on a fresh subject, with a compelling drama — a sunken ship.

–>Click to get your own copy of Surviving Savannah!

2 responses to “Surviving Savannah

  1. kegarland says:

    Is this historical fiction in the sense that there really was a ship that sank? If so, I was thinking, no wonder Savannah has so many ghosts.


  2. Yes! It was a real ship sinking! The book is a great retelling of the story, adding a few characters for the present time events.


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