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Are You “Searching for Certainty” in an Uncertain World?

on October 9, 2020

Some people say the only certain things in life are — death and taxes.

But I disagree!

I believe that God’s love is a certainty. But how can you be sure?

Shelly Miller has written a book about this — “Searching for Certainty”.

Brand new book to help us deal with shutdowns, homeschooling, shortages at the grocery store, and other disruptions…. Aren’t we all “Searching for Certainty”?

Shelly uses stories of uncertain times from her own life, and what she found that works in her life. She uses quotes from the Bible, as in Exodus when God gave Moses the job of freeing the Israelite slaves in Egypt, and bringing them through a desert to the Promised Land. Do you think Moses was certain? No he was not! But he trusted God.

Shelly also quotes the Psalms, because they are full of crying out to God, and finding assurance that God is with you, a guiding presence through it all.

In the dedication, Shelly says to her two children — “May the certainty of God’s love be your constant companion”.

Shelly brings this book to us, to help us deal with difficult situations. She has seen her share of difficulties — moving from place to place as a child with few steady adult caretakers, working two jobs to pay tuition for college, and job delays that leave her homeless — again going from place to place until the London job is ready so she and her husband can move there from the United States. And even now, as her book is being published, she battles cancer.

She shares advice from her real life experience.

We have choices to make in life. Shelly Miller can help you make some better choices. Read her book, and be encouraged that there is hope for your tomorrows.

–>Get “Searching for Certainty” here!

You can also read a bit of the book, or listen to an excerpt –>Click Here.

If you buy no later than October 12 (2020), you can get some free gifts. Go to her website after you purchased, to –>claim your free gifts.

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