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A Thousand Treasures

on September 18, 2020

I just finished reading this historical fiction/mystery book by Sandra Byrd.

Lady of a Thousand Treasures is an historical fiction book based in England in 1866, but it’s also an intriguing mystery story!

I must say, the lady pictured on the cover fits the main character of the book perfectly! She is Miss Eleanor Sheffield, who finds herself in control of her family’s business after her father dies.

The historical part focuses on the lives of the characters, and delves greatly into the past-time of many rich people in England — collectibles. Many different art treasures are described. As it happens Miss Sheffield’s family business is buying and selling these treasures.

I was fascinated by this story! There are so many interesting characters, and many have secrets, lies, and schemes to stir up the plot. The Lady must solve several major mysteries, and must make a very difficult decision that will greatly affect her life and the life of her former beau, Lord Lydnee.

In the middle of all this, her family business is going under, and she must find a way to save it!

Oh yeah! This is a great read! I kept picking it up to read more. I may even read it again to see what clues I missed.

This book Lady of a Thousand Treasures is the first book in the “Victorian Ladies Series” by author Sandra Byrd. The 2nd is due out soon, so you have time to read this one first!

–>Click to get your copy!

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