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Got Grit? Get Some!

on September 11, 2020
author Shannon Huffman Polson’s new book

Shannon Huffman Polson has lots of grit! In her new book she tells you why women need grit, and how to get yourself some, so you can tackle your next project and succeed!

Shannon Huffman Polson was one of the 1st women to fly an Army Apache Attack Helicopter!! This woman can teach you how to get grit!

Apache Attack Helicopter

Other women’s stories can encourage and inspire you to access grit when you need it! In the book, Shannon shares her story and the stories of other amazing women with lots of grit!

Here they are–

*General Ann Dunwood the 1st woman four-star general in the U.S. Army; *LCDR Krysten Ellis, one of the first women to serve on a submarine; *CPT Shaye Haver 1 of 2 women to graduate in the 1st Ranger school class with women, and now one of the 1st women as infantry commander;  *Sara Faulkner one of the 1st women to graduate and serve as a US CG rescue swimmer; *MG Dawn Dunwoody, White House Fellow and Air Force combat commander;  and more!

Shannon will help you find the way to your own grit.

She will tell you how to know “Why you do it” — a great motivator to keep going when it gets rough.

She inspires by sharing the lessons she’s learned in the Army and in business at Microsoft, and shares stories of other female trailblazers.

If you are a woman in a difficult spot, and you have a goal you want to reach, then you need some grit!

–>Grab a copy of The Grit Factor here!

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