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Nonfiction November week 4

on November 22, 2019


This week we are finding out what makes a book our favorite!

The best way I know to figure this out is to look at books that are some of my favorites…

–>Finding Beautiful — the true stories of 12 women who went through a life transformation

–>Surviving the Island of Grace — memoir of a woman who lives on an island in Alaska, working as a salmon fisherman

–>A Second Chance at Heaven — memoir of a woman literally saved from hell

–>50 Women Every Christian Should Know — short biographies of women in history

–>Breaking Cover — the memoir of a female CIA agent

–>The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (historical fiction) — story of a woman during the depression who delivers books to dirt poor people in the Appalachians

–>Hidden Figures — true story of Black woman mathematicians at NASA

–>My Heart — memoir of a mother with a serious heart condition

The theme running though all of these book favorites is —

— a strong woman central character, who struggles through problems,

and ends up victorious!

These women are each an inspiration to me!

These are the kinds of books that encourage me to struggle on through life’s problems, and celebrate each victory, each joyful moment of discovery, each time of peaceful serenity.

I will never understand how some people go through life and never read a book.  They obviously don’t know what they are missing!

–>Click Nonfiction November for book favorites of other nonfiction bloggers.

So what makes a book your favorite?  Share in the comments below…


2 responses to “Nonfiction November week 4

  1. I relish books that are inspirational. Thank you for sharing some of your favorites.


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