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Nonfiction November week 3

on November 19, 2019

Although this is a bit late, this is my list of books on 1 topic —

(all –>are clickable links)

–>Renia’s Diary (autobiography diary) (Poland)    –>To buy

–>The Dressmaker’s Gift (historical fiction well-researched) (France) –>To buy

__ The Boy Between Worlds (biography) (Netherlands) –>To buy

BoyBetweenWorlds cover

(Since I have not reviewed this book yet, I am including the cover picture.)

So what do Poland, France, and the Netherlands have in common?

      — They all were invaded by Nazi Germany during WWII! 

The results for the common people trying to continue living their normal lives, was devastatingly similar.

The topic is WWII, but from the perspective of individual people. 

What was it like to live on the streets, in the neighborhoods, once the war invaded their country?

I found this topic fascinating!

I generally do not like war stories, but these books took the war down to the local level. We find out how the war affected individual people. 

All three of these books were very informative, personal, emotional, and shocking!

I highly recommend you read at least 1.

To get more recommended books for various topics,

   –>Check out more Nonfiction November week 3 lists.

I would love if you tell me about other WWII books you would recommend!  Please leave me a comment.

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