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The Dressmaker’s Gift

on November 15, 2019

Dressmaker'sGift cover

This is a most engaging historical fiction book-“The Dressmaker’s Gift”!

Author Fiona Valpy has done a lot of research to make this book true to the history of WWII France.  She tells the story through Harriet, a woman in 2017, who goes to Paris to uncover the past of her grandmother who lived in Paris in the 1940s.  Both Harriet and her grandmother (Claire) worked in the fashion industry in Paris two generations apart.  Her grandmother was a seamstress and made dresses, thus the title — “The Dressmaker’s Gift”.

Harriet’s grandmother, Claire, and her two friends, shared an apartment.  They all end up working in the French Resistance.  This was a very dangerous job, but they were appalled by the Nazi Germans’ cruel behavior.  Many people (not just Jews) were rounded up and questioned, tortured, or sent on trains to labor camps (i.e. concentration camps).

This book gives a very real picture of living in France during WWII.  There were air raids, bomb shelters, rationed food, and the uneasy co-mingling with Nazi Germans after France surrendered.

This book is part mystery, part history, part fashion, part hopeful reminder.  By no means is this a sad book, nor depressing.  It is sometimes shocking.  This book is also about love, hope, truth, and the strength of humanity to survive and courageously choose what is right.  

I enjoyed this book! It was compelling, so it was hard to put down.  I learned so much about what it was like to live in France during the War.  WWII is a popular topic for books and movies right now.  I add this one to a growing list of books at the top of the heap.  Since this story is about fashion, and courageous women, it would probably appeal more to women readers.

The author dedicates this book to the memory of the female Special Operations Executive (SOE) Agents who worked with the French Resistance and lost their lives in Nazi concentration camps.

–>Go here to read “The Dressmaker’s Gift“!

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