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NonFiction November

on October 31, 2019


This week I am joining a group called “Nonfiction November”.  We are all recommending the best nonfiction books we have read so far this year (2019).  Since I love nonfiction, I thought I would jump in.  So check out my recommendations, then head over to the main group post for even more great books!

1 — The #1 book I recommended most to friends and family —

–>Finding Beautiful by Rebecca Friedlander

It tells the true stories of 12 women whose lives were a mess, but they were transformed.  This is such an inspirational, hopeful book for women thinking their life is hopeless.  Just look up.

2 — My favorite nonfiction read this year —

–>Something Needs To Change by David Platt

This book is written from the heart!  The author describes his hike in the Himalayan Mountains, that became a heart-breaking call to make his life matter.  This book will challenge you to make changes in your life too.

3 — The theme of the books I have read this year is … Change!

–>Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison

This is the most recent nonfiction book I have read.  It is definitely about change!  Although there is some history in it, this book tells why we need to commit to making changes in our communities through reconciliation.  I am following up with this book now, by joining their “Be the Bridge” FB group, and reading some of the books that group recommends to read.  This book is making a difference in my life, and in the lives of many other people across this country.

So you can click on the links above to find out more about my top 3 recommendations.  Then you can check out the other Nonfiction November bloggers’ book recommendations.  

–>Check out “Nonfiction November” HERE!

You can make your nonfiction recommendations in the comments below, or even link your blog up at Nonfiction November.  I am really glad to find this group of nonfiction geeks!  I hope I find out about some other great nonfiction reads I have not seen yet!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here…

Let the truth reveal what’s real!

7 responses to “NonFiction November

  1. I don’t read a lot of Inspirational Nonfiction, but thanks for sharing your favourite titles.

    Please stop by to see my Introduction to NonFicNov


  2. All three of soundtrack good, especially Be the Bridge.


  3. Oops, all three sound good, I meant.


  4. It’s always wonderful to read stories about people who have been able to change their lives. It is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing Finding Beautiful.


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