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Be the Bridge

on October 18, 2019

BeTheBridge Cover

“Be the Bridge” by Latasha Morrison is a combination history and self-help book.

“Be the Bridge” is also the name of her organization, and the key to her vision of how to improve relationships between Blacks and Whites and other nationalities.

The history she outlines in the book is Black history in the U.S.  She points out the issues with White culture and attitudes toward Blacks.

The self-help part of the book is learning about each other so we can have better relationships. 

The author suggests education through books or movies to better understand Black history in the U.S.  Then the next step is small discussion groups to share experiences and feelings to improve our attitudes about each other, so we can be friends.  She points out that churches or schools would be a good place to start these groups.  

Latasha is very honest about what she sees as problems, and how to change that dynamic.  It was enlightening to read her point of view.  I appreciated learning about the attitudes she sees as a Black woman.  I liked reading about her personal thoughts and attitudes to compare it to my perceptions.  

Although the discussion groups sound interesting, she did not give much information to actually start a group.  If you are interested in joining a group —

–>check out the information HERE at her website.

The author does include Scripture references and prayers that can help us improve relationships between Blacks and Whites, and give us the right attitude toward each other.

This book is not radical.  It is very middle-class normal.  The book can be useful for any age 16 and up, men or women, church goers or not, and any political affiliation.

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3 responses to “Be the Bridge

  1. Open minded conversations go such a long way to bridge racial differences. If we go into conversations with a true effort to stay in offender and to seek understanding, it goes such a long way to bridge gaps.

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    • I agree. We all have hurts that need healing, and we all have the need to be loved — God takes care of that if we seek Him. We don’t need to hurt anyone else. Instead we can offer understanding, friendship, prayer, and encouragement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.


  2. […] –>Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison […]


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