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Something Needs to Change!

on September 20, 2019

SomethingNeedsToChange cover

Something needs to change!

Isn’t that the truth?  

Actually many things need to change, and we probably each have different ideas about what needs changing.

But this book, “Something Needs to Change” by David Platt looks at the lives of people in the Himalayan Mountains.  He goes on a hike in the mountains with some other guys, and he comes back from his trip knowing… that Something Needs to Change!

That “Something” he says, is his life and our lives too.  I know that seems like a big job, but not everything needs to change, just something in our lives needs to change.  I think most of us would say, “yeah, something in my life does need to change”.

David Platt says we need to change our focus to notice the needs of people in poor areas and do something to help.  If we all do something, we can make important changes.

David also says that our churches need to make the same change and more.  Instead of focusing on church programs, big expensive buildings, entertaining worship music, and such things, focus on meeting the needs of people NOT in our churches.

In the Himalayas, David’s heart was broken for the people living there.  They lived in dangerous areas in severe poverty.  Most of the people had never heard of Jesus.  David knew that it is urgent that we reach these people, and others like them, with physical and spiritual help.

Reading this book was like taking a mission trip to the Himalayan Mountains.  David writes from his heart and soul, telling us what he sees, and what he feels about the people he meets there.  He says that his life will never be the same.

So, if you haven’t been on a mission trip before, or if you are curious about what living in the Himalayas would be like, why not read this book?  I am sure you will learn something.  I learned a lot!

David’s book does challenge me to think about how I can help poor people who need food, clean water and health care, and how I can help more people learn about Jesus Christ.  I am doing this to some degree already, but David shows how dire and urgent the needs around the world are. 

I need to do more!  David is doing more.  

Can you do more?

If you need motivation to change something in your life, read this book.  You will see how dire the needs are.  You will feel the need to change something.

–>Click to read “Something Needs to Change

–>Click for videos,articles, and more from David Platt


(I did receive an early reader’s copy of this book from the publisher Waterbrook Multnomah.)


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