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Renia’s Diary

on September 13, 2019

ReniasDiary bookcover

This book is unique!

It is a personal diary of a Jewish girl (Renia Spiegel) during WWII.  She begins writing at age 15 in 1939. She writes all her hopes and disappointments.  She writes her daily activities.  Here and there are the realities of the war creeping in.

This book is the truth of what it was like for one Jewish teenage girl living during WWII.

She has to move a few times.  She is separated from her mom.  She is sad, but she is also hopeful.  She has a boyfriend, and yes she talks about him a lot, but any teenage girl who keeps a diary would do that.

I was shocked by what she had to endure, because of the war.  I doubt I would have survived what she lived through.

At the end of the book, you find out what happened to Renia, her sister, and her boyfriend.  They all had different experiences at the end.

The diary was not found for many years, and it was only recently translated into English.

To me “Renia’s Diary” was just as compelling as “The Diary of Ann Frank”.  The reality just as stark and personal.  Renia’s life is not shut up in hiding though.  Her life involves school and work and friends.  She sees what is happening to many Jewish people.  She fears what will happen to her and her family.

I learned more about life during the war from Renia.  I am glad she wrote it all down.   My only complaint is that it is a bit too long, but I was glad I read all the way to the end.

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