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Book Woman

on May 3, 2019

BookWoman ofTroublesomCreek Cover

My book review for “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek”  by Kim Michele Richardson–

This book is based on historical events.  People (mostly women) were hired to deliver library books to poor families in rural areas of Appalachia in Kentucky, from 1935-1943 through the Pack Horse Library Project.  This was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA).

The woman in this story rides a mule in rural Kentucky to deliver books.  Her name is Cussy Mary, but people call her “the book woman”.  The author has done an amazing job bringing Cussy Mary to life! 

I loved seeing the difference a few books and magazines made to the dirt-poor people, many who didn’t even know how to read, but they learned from the library materials delivered to them.  The Project also paid those who delivered books, so it helped people desperate to feed families. The pay was $28.00 per month.

I love reading good books! That is why I review books.  I was so taken by the title, Book Woman of Troublesome Creek; I had to read this book!  I am sharing my review so you will read this book too.

Just as I knew I would, I loved reading this book! It is based on basic true events, and the story about Cussy Mary is added in.  The author has made her poor, afraid, and unaccepted by most of her neighbors and co-workers. Cussy Mary gains confidence because of her work delivering books. She becomes an advocate for the families on her book delivery route, and helps them in many other ways.  She brings food to some, reads to those who can’t, or teaches some to read, and even helps them when they are sick.

If you like to read historical fiction, then you should read this book, because it is one of the best historical fiction books I have read!  If you enjoy historical fiction about strong women, then you absolutely must read this book!

This is also an awesome book to encourage people to pick up another book to read, because it shows how books make such a difference in our lives, and teach us so much

I am so glad I read this book, and learned about the Pack Horse Library Project, and the lives of people in Kentucky in Appalachia in this time period. I hope you will decide to read this book too.

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