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Private Letters and Diaries

on February 22, 2019


Are there certain people you would love to find out what they think and how they live day to day?  Do you want to know what their secrets are? Maybe someone famous.  Maybe someone who lived an amazingly courageous life.

Whose diary would you like to read?

Well today I want to tell you about a new book which includes the private letters and diary (journal) entries of 2 amazing missionaries –Jim and Elisabeth Elliot!

The book is written after their deaths, by their only daughter, Valerie Elliot Shepard.  Her mother, Elisabeth gave her the letters and journals that she had, and Valerie was able to get most of her father’s journals and letters that he kept. 

Their daughter wrote a very personal, first person account of her parents, titled   —  Devotedly.

Because this book contains their own words, letters, and journal entries, we can understand just how devoted these missionaries were to God and to each other!

I found this book captivating!

DevotedlyCover BH-Devotedly-3D

You might remember that Jim Elliot died (1956) along with four other missionaries at the hands of an Indian tribe in Ecuador.  His wife Elisabeth continued to work as a missionary in Ecuador, and eventually wrote books about her husband and the work they did together.  She also wrote books about faith and following God.  She died in 2015.

The details  revealed in this new book, cover six years of Jim and Elisabeth’s lives. I was fascinated by their story, and amazed at their faith and commitment to follow God’s will.  Such powerful faith!  

Devotedly also reveals how their relationship grew over those six years, from their first meetings, to their eventual marriage 5 1/2 years later in Ecuador.  They both were missionaries individually before they married and began working together as husband and wife.

At the end of this book, they are both alive, married, working together as missionaries in Ecuador.  The book tells how they lived in Ecuador, including 5 months in a tent.  There are pictures of their home they built in Ecuador, and pictures of them over the 6 years.

Having finished this book, I know I will read more about the Elliots!

I want to know how Elisabeth lived after her husband’s death.  I want to know how she coped.  I want to know how she kept her faith.  


So first I recommend you read DevotedlyClick –>here

Then look over the many books by Elisabeth Elliot, and plan which of her books you will read next

Look –>here at Elisabeth’s books.

Before you go, tell me which book you will read after Devotedly.  Or tell me a book by Elisabeth Elliot that you recommend.  You can help me pick which one to read next…

(I did receive the book Devotedly from Lifeway, so I could read it and share with others.  I chose to share it with you on my blog here.)


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