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Heard any good news lately?

on January 8, 2018

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It’s tough right? The news last year was always bad, bad, bad…

Let’s turn that around in 2018!

Let’s share good news that we find! Use #GoodNews wherever you post good news comments or pics.  Share good news with friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Instagram…

Today I found an encouraging magazine issue — The current (1-15) issue of “Time” magazine is titled “The Optimists”!  There is a smiling 5 year old boy on the cover.  It is full of good news! If you need some good news, start with this issue of “Time”.

Bill Gates says that >90% of all children in the world are going to primary school. That is a huge improvement!  

Gates also says that back in 1990 over 30% of people in the world lived in extreme poverty. Today this is down to about 10%!  That is huge too! This is good news because it shows that our investments in poor countries are working! 

It is encouraging to see progress being made! We don’t want to quit helping families and kids; we want to keep doing what is working!  Keep donating to charities. Keep sponsoring children!  The kids you sponsor are going to school! Yay!

Having trouble finding good news? Me too!

Here are some places I found —

( –> points to clickable links, Click away!)

–>    — Good news online all the time.

–>   — Highlights good news stories.

–>  — Weekly good news.

–>  — Highlighted good news.

So read some good news and share it with other people!  

Let’s stay positive and share the good news in 2018!





3 responses to “Heard any good news lately?

  1. I love this idea. I’m all about some good news!!


    • Yeah, I think we all need more good news this year, after all the troubling news from 2017. Baah Humbug to bad news! I say more #GoodNews! I think it helps us deal with our own problems, seeing there is hope; there are still good things happening. It brightens our mood. I hope you will share #GoodNews with others. When we are feeling discouraged, we can get on Twitter or FB or Instagram and do a search for #GoodNews, and voila, we find something to smile about!

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