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Pause and Take a Breath

on December 18, 2017

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Pause and take a breath…

Then look at your To-do list and delete 1 thing!  

Just let go of 1 thing.  You can do it.

Maybe just buy bakery cookies instead of baking 3 kinds of cookies.

Maybe just put a wreath on your front door instead of putting up lights.

Maybe just mail a check instead of going to the store again.

Whatever it is, choose 1 thing to take off your list.

Then pause, and take another breath…  Feel better?

Christmas is not about how many things you can get done.  It is not even about buying everyone gifts and wrapping them to look impressive.  Christmas is about family and friends.  

Christmas is a celebration of love!

Love is not expressed through shopping or baking or decorating. Nope.

Love is expressed by hugs and smiles and welcoming people together.

Love is expressed by going to church and remembering Christ’s birth.  

Love is expressed by wishing people a Merry Christmas.

Love is expressed by making donations to charities that help people who need help.

In case you need some ideas of where to make a donation, here is a partial list of places where I have donated. (Please note that I do not make any money from these links. I am just sharing information.) —

link–>International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES)

(At IDES 100% of your donation goes to those in need.)

link–>Northwest Haiti Christian Mission  (NWHCM)

(NWHCM — orphanage and medical clinic)

Jeremie Christian Mission  / PO Box 273Scottsmoor, FL 32775  

(In Haiti — school, children’s meals, church, home repairs)

NativityScene 2874137__340

                             Merry Christmas! 



6 responses to “Pause and Take a Breath

  1. What a wonderful thought. Get rid of one thing. A relief just thinking about it.


  2. finchnwren says:

    Thank you for this great post! What a reminder. Love came down at Christmas—and it can shine through us!


  3. I was not familiar with Christina Rossetti, so I looked her up. Here are the 1st few lines from her poem — Love came down at Christmas,
    Love all lovely, love divine;
    Love was born at Christmas,
    Star and angels gave the sign.

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