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Beyond the Castle

on December 1, 2017


“Beyond the Castle” is by Jody Jean Dreyer.

This is a fun book to read!

Maybe you didn’t think non-fiction could be fun, but this is the memoir of Jody Jean who worked at Disney for 30 years! 

As you might expect, she is fun, up-beat, has a great sense of humor, and has a ton of information about behind-the-scenes at Disney World.

This book tells you stories about the people who work at Disney parks.  As well as information about characters like Tinkerbell.  Of course the author also knows a lot about Mickey Mouse.  She tells us about Walt Disney himself, too.  She even tells us the rules of being a Disney princess!

The book starts with the author’s first visit to Disney World when she was 10. Later she talks about how she got her first job at Disney, and many more jobs to follow.  She even got to be on the Grand Opening Team for EuroDisney! (in Paris, France)

This is not just a book about Disney.  It is also about how to live a successful, happy life.  The author talks about things she learned from working at Disney.  There are a lot of things that Disney does right.  After all, for over 50 years, it has been a very successful business!

You don’t need to be a fan of Disney to enjoy this book, but it helps if you at least have visited one of the Disney parks, somewhere in the world.  There are Disney parks in California, Florida, Hawaii, France, Japan, China, and Hong Kong!  (Personally I have been to Disney parks in California and Florida, and loved all my visits!)  Maybe reading this book will inspire you to visit again!

You won’t believe who was the first Tinkerbell that “flew” over the castle during evening fireworks at Disney World in Florida!  I’m not going to tell you, because it is so surprising…

–>Click to get the book!

–>Go to the author’s website.

Have fun reading this book!

(I did get a free book through –>BookLook Bloggers so I could write my honest review. I so enjoyed reading this book!)



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