Following God One Step at a Time

Kings and Kingdoms

on August 28, 2017


Everyone is a citizen of a country.  As a citizen, you have a national anthem to sing.  You have a flag to honor.  You probably know someone who is in the military to protect your country, who would give their life to defend your country.  You obey the laws of your country.  If not, there are punishments.

We are all a citizen of a country on earth.  Sometimes people are citizens of two countries, called dual citizenship.  If you are born again through baptism, you are re-born into the Kingdom of God.  Then you are also a citizen of God’s Kingdom.  In John 18:36, Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

If you have read history, you will know that kings rule kingdoms.  There aren’t many kings anymore on earth, because we have political offices to run many of our countries.  But as believers, our King is God, and He rules His Kingdom! 

When the King makes a decision, we must accept it.  We might be able to get the decision revised by begging or praying, but whatever His final decision is, we must accept it same as laws.  How we react to it is up to us.  We are God’s children, but even princes and princesses must obey the King! 

There are benefits to our obedience.  We are blessed with gifts from God.  We are given love, grace, and salvation.  We also will receive an inheritance.  When Jesus Christ died, His inheritance of Heaven was also given to His followers.  His followers know that one day, they will live in Heaven.  Even though we know whose Kingdom we belong in, we can’t show people where it is.  It is not on a map.  In Luke 17:21, Jesus says, “the Kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” We just can’t see it!

Some Kings on earth were rich, and the inheritance his children would receive might be land, castles, gold, jewelry, and other valuables.  Sometimes the King would get angry with one of his children, or one of his wives, and they might be sent to a prison, or even killed.  A favorite son would likely become the next King, once the current King died.  Other children might be a prince or duke.

God runs His Kingdom differently.  Jesus Christ is the ruler, the King of Heaven forever.  No one will take His place!

There were many kingdoms in history that were destroyed by another country’s army, and then that country would take over the kingdom.  Usually the King’s family would be killed when the new country moved in.  No other kingdom will take over God’s Kingdom.  God’s Kingdom rules the world forever!

Kingdoms on earth have boundaries.  The boundaries separate the different countries.  God’s Kingdom has no boundaries; God rules over all that is in the entire universe. 

I ask myself — Do you think you can disobey the King who rules over the universe?  Do you think you are smarter than the King who rules the universe? Do you think you could run the universe for even just 1 day?  When I think of God’s Kingdom this way, I wonder why I ever want to disobey God.  I guess some days, most days, I forget that my life is ruled by a King.  In Philippians 1:27a, Paul reminds us “Whatever happens, as citizens of Heaven, live in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”

I think I am in charge of my life.  Because God gives us the gift of free will, we are not His slaves.  This means we do have some control over our life, but not complete control.  But we do not have any control over the universe!  If we are honest, we would not want to have control over the universe.  Talk about a headache!  Can you imagine how many complaints God gets every day from people praying to Him?

Just thinking about how difficult it would be to run the universe even for 1 day, makes me very grateful that all I have to take care of is me and my family.  That is more than enough for me!  Thank you God for not giving me too much to handle.  Thank you God for food each day.  Thank you God for water, rain, sunshine, trees, fruit, flowers, birds, and so much more.  The list could go on forever.  Perhaps it will when we are in Heaven. 

Do you know what I am most grateful for?

I am most grateful that God saved us from the Kingdom of darkness.  Jesus Christ died to save us from the darkness of the devil.  People who do not believe in Jesus Christ will always be in the Kingdom of darkness.  That alone is the single best gift from God even if He gave us nothing else.  I am eternally grateful to God that He rules His Kingdom with Love and Truth. 



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