Following God One Step at a Time

Convicted by Lies

on August 25, 2017

Book Convicted

“Convicted” is written by Jameel McGee (the prisoner)

and Andrew Collins (the policeman).

“Convicted” is a true story that is shocking!

First there is the outrage over the treatment Jameel gets from the police, and when he gets sent to prison even though he is innocent! Yes, I felt outrage!

Secondly there is the astonishment that Andrew, a former policeman, would so honestly expose the illegal activities that are practiced by many of the police he worked with, and by Andrew himself!  Truly amazing that he has admitted to everything dishonest that he did. 

BUT then Jesus!  Jesus enters the picture and changes everything!

I was cheering on both of these men – Jameel and Andrew.  What they did is truly awesome!  They went beyond what anyone would expect of them.  It was only their growing faith in Jesus that allowed them to change the outcome of their futures. 

You don’t want to miss reading this book!  It could become a movie one day, but don’t wait for that! READ this book!

–>Click HERE to get your copy!

Yes, I received an advance copy of this book so I could give it an honest review.  These are my opinions alone.  I really did find this book shocking and amazing!  I think this book could help heal some of the anger between whites and blacks in America.  This book tells the truth, and can open our eyes to what is really happening in this country.  It also shows that there is hope for reconciliation, healing, and a better future if we work together.  Read this book to find out how we can work together despite our differences.

–>Read MORE, from the publisher.




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