Following God One Step at a Time

The Daniel Prayer

on August 11, 2017


I am reviewing a Bible study today.  Anne Graham Lotz wrote “The Daniel Prayer” to ramp up our prayer lives.  She uses Daniel as her inspiration.

She uses Bible verses to direct our prayers.  The key to doing this study is her Bible study workshop, which is included in the video for this study.

I liked that this study encouraged me to pray with purpose, by using Scripture to guide my prayers.  Scripture can show us what to obey, or a promise to ask God to fulfill, or a warning to be aware of.  Then use that to pray to God, and to give us direction in our life. 

By the end of this study, you will have a direction for your prayers going forward.  Each chapter will yield direction for one type of prayer.  At the end, you pull together all these, and write them on two pages so they are easy to refer to.  Each phrase begins with “What will I do to…”

Although it takes some practice to understand the technique the author uses, it is an eye-opening way to get more from the pages of your Bible!

–>Get a free video HERE, to learn Anne’s Bible study technique.

–>Go HERE to purchase “The Daniel Prayer” (video and study guide).


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