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Unheard Voices

on August 7, 2017


If someone cries but no one hears, is their life still important?

“Yes!” says VOM, The Voice of the Martyrs.

How? By caring and sharing their story.  That’s what VOM does.

I had the privilege to attend a Voice of the Martyrs Advance Conference on Saturday.  I highly recommend you attend one!  They have them scheduled at many locations, since this is their 50th anniversary.  The VOM conference is motivational, encouraging, and informative!

I learned so much!  There were 5 speakers from Texas, Iran, China, and Syria.  Four of them had survived persecution for their Christian faith.  

Do you know what they said they needed most from us?  


>Sign up HERE to pray for a Christian worker in a dangerous country.

–>Look HERE for a VOM conference near you!

Do you prefer listening to podcasts?  VOM radio is available free on podcast from itunes!

–>Take a listen HERE.

Can you guess what is the 2nd thing they need most?


>Go HERE to donate.

–>See a list of other ways you can help persecuted Christians.

This is an awesome organization! My church sponsored a VOM Conference.  I wasn’t sure about going, but I was amazed.  I am so glad I went!  It is an all day conference, but you can leave early if you need to.  There are several intermissions and a lunch time.  The conference I attended was free.  Each family received one goody bag of free information (book, CD, pamphlet, and newsletter).  

Have you already attended a VOM conference? Please share your comments below…


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