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The Question

on August 4, 2017

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My book review this week is on “QBQ!”

(The Question Behind the Question) by John G. Miller.

This book is about personal accountability and how to stop blaming others, stop complaining, and stop procrastinating.  

Those are great goals!  How can I do that?

“QBQ!” is a short book, but it is full of useful information.  There aren’t a lot of details in it, so you have to take the basics in it, and use them in your own life.

I have never liked the concept of accountability partners that some Christians use. To me it creates gossip and getting all up in someone else’s business.  Although this book is not written in a Christian perspective, it does show how we can be personally accountable to ourself and to our own values.  (If you get your values from the Bible, then this is entirely useful for Christ followers to use.)

Have you ever said, “Who did this?”  Or maybe you said, “What did you do?”

HaHa! The author says there are better, more useful questions to ask.  

For example, Ask yourself, “What can I do to help?”

There may be a bunch of questions going through your mind right now.  Some of them might not be helpful.  

The author tells you what the best questions are in different situations.  Remember the author’s goal is to help the reader (me and you) to stop blaming others, stop complaining, and stop procrastinating.

I picked up this book at the library because I complain way too much, and for months I have been procrastinating on several projects I really want to do!

Although many of the examples used in the book are work situations, the principles can be used at home or in social situations with friends, as well as at work.

I have read a lot of articles and books that try to tell me that the solution to our problems is to say positive statements.  You know, like “I am joyful and energetic today.”  Does that make you feel joyful or energetic?  Not me.

In “QBQ!”, the author says what is important, is the question!

The author uses the idea of working as a team.  This team concept can be used for a church and its members and staff.  It can be used for a family and all its members.  It can be used for a Bible study and its members, or in a classroom.  If something isn’t working as well as you would like, what should you ask?  The author says not to ask “Who?”, and not to ask “Why?”.  Instead ask “What can I do?”

Now that is not the only useful question, but hopefully you can see that asking a different question could have better results.  I like the author’s ideas, and I plan to try asking myself better questions.

In fact, I already asked myself one better question.  Instead of asking “Why is this room such a mess?!”  I have gotten some results from asking “What can I do that would be useful in getting my bedroom and office areas organized?”


–>Check out the book “QBQ!” HERE.


The answer to my question? I found a course online for $17, so I signed up!  How’s that for not procrastinating?! And I have already started on the 1st task in the course! Yahoo!  I am on a roll, and now I do feel more joyful and energetic!

Want to know what course I am taking? First let me say I am not getting any money or any other type of perks for telling you about this course or the book.  And the book and the course are not by the same author.  The book gave me the right questions to ask, and the course came across my desk, and I jumped on the opportunity!

So back to the course. It’s “The Essentials” by Tsh Oxenreider. (That is not a typo. That is really her name.)  She is known for her advice on simplifying your life, living intentionally, traveling on the cheap, and on how to get things done.  

–>Take a peak at “The Essentials” course. (Register through Monday, August 7.)

Tsh has also written several books, “Organized Simplicity”, and “Notes On a Blue Bike”. Her new book is “At Home in the World”.

 –>Find  all 3 HERE!

–>You can read my review of “Organized Simplicity” or

–>Read my review of “Notes on a Blue Bike”.

I hope you got some useful information from me today.  Have questions?

Comment below…






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