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Sparks Flying

on July 28, 2017


I have read the book “Sparks Fly Upward” by Kenneth Matthews, PhD.  

Since I received a free copy from –>, I must give an honest review.  So here it is —

This book is confusing!  

The author says that he wrote the book trying to understand and explain why God let his dad die in a car accident when the author was a boy.  Other people have also tried to wrestle with this issue of why bad things happen to people.  The author of “Sparks Fly Upward” tries to give all possible reasons for pain.  He explains why many of the reasons are wrong, and why people still believe some of them. This ends up being a morass of “if this then”, “or but”, “and further” and on and on…

The first few chapters were impossible for me to understand.  Later in the book I got some nuggets of truth, but there must be a book that gives the same conclusions without so much confusion and winding tales and theories.  The author uses the Book of Job in the Old Testament, and several parables from the New Testament to explain his logic, so he does use the Bible to discuss the problem of pain.

The author tries to explain God using logic.  I don’t think God can be understood through logic.  We believe in God and follow God and trust God because of faith, because He created us, and because the Son of God died to save us from death and give us eternal life in Heaven.  Is that logical? No.  God does not behave with logic.  God is love and life, grace and forgiveness, not logic.

So that said, you can read this book if you want to read a logical proof that demonstrates that God does not cause pain to punish us, but pain comes from Adam and Eve’s sin of disobeying God, and they sinned because God gave them (and all of us) free will.

The author evidently has found some peace about his dad’s death.  At least his logical proofs laid out in this book helped him do that.  It is possible that others will get help from this treatise in logic.  So…

–>CLICK to find out more about this book or to purchase.


P.S. No, I don’t know what the title of this book means.  If you have an idea, maybe you can tell me in the comments below. Thanks.





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