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Is it Fruit yet?

on July 24, 2017

FruitTree nature-2444643__340

We have heard the phrase, “Each tree is recognized by its own fruit”. (Luke 6:44)

And likewise we have heard “Every good tree bears good fruit.” (Matthew 7:17)

The thing is, when do we know if the fruit is good?

Fruit comes only in the right season.

We must go through seasons before we can develop fruit.

In the winter or early spring we bud.

Bud fig-tree-2160603__340

In the late spring or early summer we flower.


In the late summer or early fall we produce fruit.

Fruit Treepeach-2387820__340

In the late fall is the harvest.

Harvest apple-2447839__340

And this is a cycle that repeats.

We must give ourselves and others time to be seasoned, time to grow, time to learn.

Only when we harvest can we really see the result of our works and prayers.

God grant us a good harvest, so we will be known as followers of Jesus Christ.

(Fruit trees in order of appearance — orange tree, fig tree, cherry tree, peach tree, apples from an apple tree.)

3 responses to “Is it Fruit yet?

  1. What a beautiful way to think about bearing fruit. So often I think I should be at the harvest stage, but each stage holds equal importance and it’s own beauty.


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