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Reading and Reviewing Books

on July 21, 2017


Yes that is what I do on my blog.  I read books and review them.  

I just finished “Reading with Patrick” by Michelle Kuo.

Funny enough, this book is about reading books and poetry, and writing too.  This book is a memoir about a teacher and her students, and one student in particular, Patrick.  Ms. Kuo is the teacher and the author, and in her book she tells the story about how once we are a teacher, we cannot stop teaching.  She loves teaching.

I enjoyed the story about her desire to help her students in a poor southern town. She was a good teacher in a school where most teachers and their students didn’t care about school.  It was interesting to read about a good teacher and her viewpoint.  

What is different about this story, is that years later she follows up on her students, and finds out what has happened to them in their lives.  It is mostly not good news.  She decides to help one student change that.  This is their story.

I did not like the author’s tendency to self analyze.  She goes into long discussions in her mind trying to figure out her own motives and what she wants to do in her life.  I didn’t like those parts of the book much.  Ms. Kuo is definitely not a psychologist or counselor.  Overall though, I did like the book.

The book also enlightens us by showing that it takes more than one year to change a child’s life.  It takes commitment and years of input and help.  Besides our own children and grandchildren, we don’t normally spend that much time with a child.  Most teachers have a student in their class for one or two years.  Maybe we need more people like the author Ms. Kuo.  We need people who care enough about kids who made a mistake, and give them the opportunity to change and turn their life around.  This book is about such a person, and the one kid she helps.

–>Click HERE to get the book or read more reviews.

Next I will be helping with some new book launches.  Just when I thought I would step back from book reviews and not review every Friday, I have been asked to get more involved.  Since I have been praying about this, I seem to have my answer from God.  I will continue to read and review books every Friday.  One of the book launches I am on, is “Awaken” by Priscilla Shirer.  I will be reviewing this book later in the summer.  I am a fan of Priscilla.  She writes well and she is a great speaker and teacher. Watch for her new book to be out in August!  You might remember her from the movie “War Room”.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should.

–>Check out the movie HERE.  


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