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Jesus by any other name

on July 17, 2017

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Did you know that Jesus Christ was not originally called “Jesus” at all?

I found this out a few years ago, and recently read a book that used the name “Yeshua” for Jesus, so I decided to look into this change historically.  The original Hebrew form of the name “Jesus” is “Yehoshuah“, shortened to “yeshu‘a“.  The longer name of “Yehoshuah” translates into English as “Joshua”.  So why don’t we call him “Joshua” instead of “Jesus”?

Well, In Hebrew “Yehoshuah” was frequently shortened to “Yeshua (pronounced similar to Yeh-SHEW-uh) Translated into Greek, the name “Yeshua” is “Iesous“.  

In Latin, the name is “Iesus“, and thus in English we get “Jesus“.

These kinds of differences are due to the fact that the Bible was translated into various languages. Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, German…  Since Jesus himself (Yeshua) was Hebrew, he spoke a version of Hebrew (Aramaic).  It seems we should at least know and sometimes use his original name.

Personally I like the name “Yeshua”.  I like how it sounds.  When I say it, I feel closer to “Jesus”, knowing his original name.  In the book –>”Crossing the Waters, the author Leslie Leyland Fields sometimes uses the name “Yeshua” for “Jesus”.  I like it!  Of course most people recognize the name “Jesus”, even in other languages they may say “Jesus”.  So in general, for clarity, it is probably best to use the name “Jesus”.  

In private though, in my prayers, and when singing a praise song, I like to use his original shortened name of “Yeshua“.  That is what his family and friends were most likely to call him.  And of course, since we have been redeemed by his blood, we are now part of his family by adoption. 

Thank you Yeshua for saving us, for washing us white as snow, for making us part of your family, the family of God, sons and daughters of God the Father.  And thank you for giving us the gift of your inheritance to eternal life in Heaven. Yeshua, I owe you my life!

What do you think?  The comment section is open below for opinions…


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