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Fishermen Who Follow Jesus

on July 14, 2017


The book “Crossing the Waters” is about fishermen and women.  The author Leslie Leyland Fields is a fisherwoman.  She has been a fisherwoman for over 30 years! 

Leslie writes about her life and her family’s life as fishermen in Alaska, and the insights she has about the fishermen Jesus chose to be His disciples.  The disciple-fishermen were Peter, Andrew, James and John.

This book has a very interesting perspective!  Why did Jesus choose fishermen to learn from Him and follow Him?  How does their life as fishermen affect their life with Jesus?  Leslie tells how hard and dangerous it is to work as fishermen.  She understands about being in a boat during a storm, just like the disciples when they were caught in a storm and Jesus was sleeping in the boat. 

She tells what fishermen always do, and never do, which shows how they differ from people with a day job.  Fishermen work long hours, night and day.  They work outdoors in all kinds of weather.  They get dirty and smelly, and very tired.

Leslie adds another dimension to her book as she also travels to Israel to see and learn about the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee where Jesus and the disciple-fishermen lived.  She draws parallels from the time of Jesus, to the current day, based on her life spent fishing.  Leslie and her family live on an island in the Gulf of Alaska.  They work hard.  Their boat keeps them alive.  Their nets provide food for their family.  She knows how hard it would be for the disciple-fishermen to leave their nets and boat and walk away to follow Jesus!

I am so glad I decided to read this book!  You don’t want to miss this unique perspective on the fishermen who chose to follow Jesus, and the meaning behind some of the teachings of Jesus about water and fish.

–>Get this book HERE!

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