Following God One Step at a Time

White, Black, or Brown

on July 10, 2017


My Christian church is blessed to have a Black preacher.

We also have two White preachers. And if you know what I mean, only the Black preacher wants us to “talk back” to him when he preaches!  

In his sermons, our Black preacher often tells us that we are all from the same race — the human race.

He says that if you hold up a white piece of paper to your skin, you will see that no one is really white, but we are all different shades of brown.

That being said, we all have different family experiences and cultural backgrounds, so we are very different, but really we are much the same, too.
During one of his sermons, I wrote down my thoughts, and I am sharing them with you here —
Jesus’ blood made us all white as snow.
He covered us all in His righteousness.
He made us all holy and blameless in God’s sight.
We are all forgiven.
We are all loved.
So how are you better than someone else?
How is anyone else less than you?
We are all covered in His red blood,
yet we are white as snow.
Jesus makes us the same —
white as snow, forgiven, loved, and saved for eternity.

When you check a box on a form for race, your answer tells something about you,

but when you check the religion box, if you mark Christian, then that tells so much more about you!


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