Following God One Step at a Time

Living Life God’s Way

on July 7, 2017

JoeyPlusRory Hymnscdfrt_1024x1024Living life God’s way describes the book “This Life I Live” by Rory Feek.

Rory lays out how his life changed for God when Joey came into it and became his wife. They tried to live their life God’s way.  They tithed 10% of their earnings.  They prayed about decisions.  They took his blessings gratefully and shared them with others.  They even accepted the gift of their child, Indiana, who has Down’s Syndrome.  She is a ray of sunshine! I looked on Rory’s Facebook page and saw some videos of her. –>Check it out! She certainly brightens up their life! (Rory also has two older daughters from an earlier marriage, and they just love Indiana too!)

Rory is a song writer, singer, blogger ( –>Find the blog HERE. ), single father, and widower.  Yes, Joey dies.  I am revealing that because so many people already know that, since Joey and Rory were a popular country music singing duo. –>See their album CDs! Many people followed their blog and watched their TV show.

I had not heard of them until I got this book.  I was starting from scratch, but still I found this book interesting.  Their life is unusual in that it is small farm with chickens and a garden, yet they are famous singers.  Although they are not perfect, this book can be an encouragement to others to also try to live God’s way.

–>Go HERE to get the book!


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