Following God One Step at a Time

Summer’s Season of Learning

on July 3, 2017

mountain landscape-1843128__340

Although most of us think of Summer as time off from school, or time to take a vacation, maybe visit family, Summer is also a time of learning from new experiences, new locations, and from quiet contemplation at a lake or hiking in a forest or on a mountain.

I remember a group camping trip in Colorado and Utah.  I learned a lot about rocks and geology, but also about people and how we are different in our habits and moods and attitudes.  There were so many views that captured my thoughts, bringing my mind back to God who created all this beauty of the mountains, streams, and deep ravines.  I still remember the view of one mountain peak, shining in the sun bouncing off snow, and feeling like my spirit flew there to meet God who said, “I am here.”

Summer can be a learning experience free of desks and scheduled time periods.  My kids and I would find time to look for rhubarb, or catch fireflies.  We would garden, and pick berries.  It’s a time for learning to ride a bike, or how to play tennis, or how to swim.  One Summer I taught tennis to a group of grade school kids. 

Somehow, in Summer I find it is easier to laugh.  With a more relaxed atmosphere, and warmer weather, who cares about stupid stuff we do, just laugh about it.  

Visiting family is time to learn about family history, old stories and such.  Maybe look at old pictures.  I plan to make copies of some of my family’s pictures when I visit my parents this summer.   I will add some of them to our family tree on, so I can put pictures with names.

I usually do a Bible study in summer.  Since everybody’s schedules are changed in Summer, instead of a group study, I do one on my own.  I can work on it whenever I have a bit of time, no set schedule to keep.  I have found several Bible studies with free videos, or free written material online.  I am currently doing a Bible study by Anne Graham Lotz, “The Daniel Prayer”.  

–>Find free Bible study videos by Beth Moore here.

–>Go here for some free Joyce Meyer Bible studies.

I hope this meandering of my Summer thoughts encourages you to have fun, relax, learn something new, and find God where you venture out of your normal schedule.  May God bless your Summer this year with learning adventures.


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