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How To Get Amazon Reviews

on June 30, 2017

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 This is about a new book available FREE Tuesday July 4 – 5 (2017)

It explains how to get more reviews on Amazon!

“Book Review Banzai” by Jason B. Ladd

This book tells you how to get Amazon reviews so you can get more free promotion from Amazon, and get more people buying your book/product because you have so many reviews!

The book is written with book self-publishers in mind, but the technique could work well for anyone selling anything on Amazon by modifying the algorithms.

I am a book reviewer, and I have participated on many book launches.  I read this new book to see how I could help generate more book reviews on Amazon to make my time more productive.  For me, the technique described in “Banzai!” is too much work, but that is because I do not make money on my book reviews or book launches.  I do it for fun.

If you need to promote/sell a book (or other product) on Amazon, this book can help.  

It gives the basics so you can follow it and increase the number of reviews you get on Amazon.  The technique is time consuming, but it is legal and meets terms of service (TOS) on Amazon.

You do need to be tech savvy to use this technique as described in the book.  If you can’t do it alone, Jason B. Ladd has an online course you can sign up for to get more instruction in using this technique.  Yes, that is why Jason is giving “Banzai!” away free, he is promoting his course.  The book on its own can be useful as long as you are knowledgeable enough to understand it.

I understand his technique, and it should work as he says, giving you more reviews on Amazon.  And hey, on July 4 & 5 it’s free, so give it a try! 

–>Link HERE to the Amazon e-book download page.

Jason’s first book was self-published and available on Amazon.  That is how he got his experience getting reviews.  If you don’t already know, a book on Amazon gets better promotion when it reaches 50 reviews.  Reach 100 reviews and you get even better results.

In the book launch world, this is a well-known tactic.  The trick is getting the reviews without doing anything illegal or against TOS.  Jason has found a way!

–>Read his new book and see if you can do it too!


(I did receive a free copy of this book in order to review it.  My opinions are my own, and I was not required to post it on my blog.)


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