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Forgotten Girls

on June 16, 2017

ChildBrides001aChild brides with their husbands

I picked up this book  “Forgotten Girls” at a book sale.  It tells the stories of girls caught in slavery, so they won’t be forgotten anymore.  Kay Marshall Strom and Michele Rickett wrote this book for just that reason.  The stories are sad and scary, but there is hope for these girls, who are no longer forgotten.

Michele Rickett is the founder and president of “She is Safe”.  This is a charity that rescues girls caught in slavery, and also educates girls and their families to prevent other girls from ending up there.  Girls are the key to a better future for their families.

There are over 4 million victims of enforced slavery every year.  They and their parents are usually uneducated, illiterate, and live in poverty.  Girls are often seen as a burden, so they are abandoned or sold into slavery.  These are the girls “She is Safe” wants to help before they end up in slavery.

In some countries it is allowed to force a girl to marry temporarily.  The husband can have sex with her, and then abandon her in a few months, all legally.  It does not matter what age the girl is.  Abandoned and no longer a virgin, she typically ends up in the sex trade for the rest of her short life.  In other countries it is quite common for the men in a family to sexually abuse the girls.  It could be an uncle, grandfather, or cousin. The girl is expected to stay quiet about it.

It is hard to read the stories in this book, but is important to read their stories, so they are no longer forgotten.  We can help them through prayers and with donations to organizations like “She is Safe”.  “She is Safe” works in some of the poorest areas of the world: India, Mali, the Middle East, northern Africa, Sudan, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Nepal.

>HELP save a girl from slavery …

>WATCH this video 

>Get the book “Forgotten Girls”


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