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Mist of Midnight

on June 9, 2017

MistofMidnight SandraByrd

The title suggests mystery and dark secrets…

And you will be pleased to find them in this intriguing historical novel —

>Mist of Midnightby Sandra Byrd.

I love historical novels, but have never read a book by Sandra Byrd before.  Other book bloggers gave her books good reviews, so I decided to give this one a try.

I loved this book!  It kept my interest throughout.  It combines two cultures — India and England, which helps add to the mystery.

The main character is Rebecca, the daughter of missionaries who are killed in India.  Alone in the world, will she be penniless? Who will help her?  Will English society welcome her home?  Will she be charged with a crime? Who is guilty?

This would make a great book to read this weekend!

>Touch THIS to get a copy.  

“Mist of Midnight” is part of a trilogy — Daughters of Hampshire.

The other 2 books in the series are —

>”Bride of a Distant Isle” and “A Lady in Disguise.

I got my copy at the library.  I plan to read “A Lady in Disguise” too.

Let me know how you like the books!




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