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The Big Picture Interactive Bible

on June 1, 2017

BigPictureBible Cover

So this week I am reviewing a new children’s Bible that is different in that it uses technology, making it interactive with the reader.  There is an app to download to your mobile device.  Throughout the Bible are full-color pictures that when scanned tell a story.  A narrator explains the activity happening in the picture.

BigPicture Bible

I recommend that most children will get more out of this Bible if a parent or teacher goes through it with them.  The text is written at adult or at least 6th grade level.  The interactive pictures must be viewed on the phone or mobile device while looking down onto the Bible.  If you pull the phone away, the voice and picture stops.  Children under 6th grade will probably need help with that.

Also throughout the Bible are “Big Questions” that ask a question that Bible readers might have, and gives the answer.  There are also sections called “Christ Connection” that explain how that verse in the Bible refers to Jesus.  These sections are written for kids to understand.  Parents can use these sections to give their children more background or insight on those verses in the Bible.

This is generally not a Bible you would buy and give to your child, unless you give it to a child in 6th to 8th grade.  In my opinion children older than 8th grade would not be interested in this Bible.  This is a thick, heavy Bible with small print and uses vocabulary of 6th grade or above.  I believe this Bible was designed with the idea that a parent would read sections of this Bible with their children, certainly for younger children.

If you are looking for a way to bring the Bible to life for your child, and to find sections to explain or highlight important verses, then this could be a good Bible for you to consider.  This Bible is in the CSB, Christian Standard Bible translation.

>Click HERE to get more information or to purchase.

>Look HERE to read a sample in the Bible.  This will let you see the vocabulary and reading level of the text by clicking on the cover that says “look inside”.

I did receive a free copy of this Bible from in order to write a review. The opinions I give here are my own, and I had input from my husband, a retired minister, who teaches 4th and 5th grade Sunday School.


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