Following God One Step at a Time


on May 29, 2017


Today, Memorial Day is a day to remember…

In the old days people would put flowers or flags on graves.  Some of the older generation still do this.

In the old days most of the men were gone fighting a World War, so the women had to go to work to keep the country working and provide materials for the war.  

Families in the military say goodbye to husbands/dads or wives/moms as war after war, conflict after conflict, pulls them apart.  Freedom comes at a big cost.

Let’s remember those who have died for our freedom.  

Let’s remember those who have left their families to fight for our freedom.  Many families were torn apart in the process.

Let’s remember those who came back with horrendous injuries that destroyed the future they thought they would have.  (Injuries like PTSD, loss of limbs, loss of sight)

There is more than one way to lose in war.

Let’s remember that our freedom comes at a huge cost and give honor to those who protected it.

On Memorial Day, Let’s remember…



2 responses to “Remember

  1. rhythminlife says:

    I was born and raised in a different country, but I am now married to a man that was born and raised here and have been blessed to learn the history of this beautiful country. I am deeply humbled by the act of honoring our fallen men and women who served this country with their lives. Parents and spouses that supported their service. Our children are involved in a a trail life and American heritage girls and part of their service projects has been taking flowers to these cemeteries. I think it’s beautiful to all want to honor these fallen men and women.🙏


    • I agree that those who have sacrificed for this country what most of us are not asked to give, should be honored and remembered. There is a beautiful peace at the military cemeteries, as if even the birds and trees honor the fallen. I much appreciate your comment. –Janet


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