Following God One Step at a Time

Angels Answered Prayer

on May 15, 2017


I had the most amazing thing happen to me this Mother’s Day weekend!

After 2 years of praying off and on, I got an answered prayer!

Because of privacy issues, I can’t tell all the specifics, but I had been praying for someone for two years.  An important relationship ended in his life, and I was very concerned for him.  I prayed for this relationship to be replaced by a new one.  I knew it would be hard to find someone to fill the hole that was left in his life.

So in addition to my normal prayers to Jesus, one time I also added a request for my guardian angels to work on the answer to my prayers for this person.  I then forgot I had asked, but still continued to pray off and on to Jesus for this person.

For Mother’s Day, I had received a gift card in the mail for a restaurant my husband and I like.  It is a chain restaurant and we have only been to the one near us once or twice before.  We decided to go there for Mother’s Day.  At the restaurant this person I was praying for saw me, and came over to our table to tell us that they had a new relationship in their life, and that person was with them at the restaurant!  We were so excited!  We didn’t want to intrude, but as we were leaving we stopped at the table to say hello and meet the new person.  

On the way home we stopped at a store to pick up dessert.  As we got back in the car, I saw something shaped like a heart on the floor of the car.  I picked it up and on the front was an angel.  It said “Guardian Angel to Guide and Protect”!  How this got there I do not know, but I took it as a sign that my Guardian Angel had provided the answered prayer.

I don’t know if you believe in Guardian Angels, but I do.  This was a confirmation to me.  I am so grateful to my Guardian Angels and to Jesus.  I know that angels cannot do anything that God would not want, so I gave thanks to Jesus and praised the Lord for this answered prayer. In Hebrews 1:14 it says, “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?”.  I believe.

Answered prayer made my Mother’s Day this year very special!


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