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The Opposite of Division is Multiplication

on April 24, 2017


We all know that long division is difficult.  If you don’t remember learning it in school, just wait until your kids ask for help with their long division homework!  The division I am concerned with today is the divide opening up among Christ followers. 

This dividing is easy to do, but it brings ugliness with it. 

You have probably seen some of this ugliness.  We have been sharing a lot of it on social media.  Somebody says something we don’t like and we type up a nasty comment.  There is name-calling, finger-pointing, arguing, even threats.  I know there have been a few times I have typed up an angry comment.  You know what I got for my trouble?  More angry comments back at me.  What a waste of time!

What I try to do now:

  1.  If I can, I ignore the post that got me upset. If it’s an angry or hateful post, it is much better to ignore it and move on.  If the writer was that upset or hateful, my new motto is “Don’t wrestle with pigs”.  (You know that only gets you dirty.) I look for a more positive website or get off the internet and read something from the Bible or from a new book, or listen to some music.
  2. I write my own blog post with a different perspective, but do not mention the other person’s post. I just share my own point of view on my own blog.
  3. If somebody is making hateful comments on my blog, I delete their comment. If somebody makes a hateful comment on my reply, I block them from my feed. 

Then there is another way to respond – Multiplication!

Multiplication in math is easier than division.  Most of us can still recite our multiplication tables, because we had to memorize them!  The multiplication that is the opposite of the angry, hateful division, is to spread the goodness around Unfortunately, the ugly comments come to my mind automatically.  I have to choose not to engage in the ugliness.  I have to intentionally find the good stuff.

What I do to spread the goodness, not engage the ugliness:

  • Post positive tweets, and share other helpful, encouraging tweets.
  • Write encouraging comments on positive websites and blogs.
  • Share good blog posts.
  • Post or share great pictures of flowers, animals, or nature. A great pic with a Bible verse or other positive statement is something I love to share on Twitter and Facebook!

Jesus prayed for His followers to have unity and love each other.  We need to do what we can to stop the division, and increase the love and encouragement. 

Jesus is all about the Word, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. 

Let’s spread that around!


–>Would you write or share a positive or encouraging post or picture today?

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6 responses to “The Opposite of Division is Multiplication

  1. Alice says:

    I love you pr new motto about not wrestling with pigs, I’m definitely gonna be using that one muself


  2. Lesley says:

    This is a great post! I also love the motto “Don’t wrestle with pigs” but I love even more the idea of multiplying encouragement and love and spreading goodness. I’m glad I clicked on your post today- visiting from Coffee for your heart.


    • You got it right! With all the division in our country and in our churches, we need to focus on multiplying the good. I almost forgot to post on Holley’s linkup. I need to put a reminder to myself. I enjoy reading some of the posts on her linkup too, because many of them are encouraging. I am so glad you stopped by and I especially appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you thought about my post.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nichole says:

    I totally agree. We could all use more kindness in world. It seems that nastiness breeds fast, so we have to out pace it!


    • Yes, “out pace it” is exactly right! We need kindness and goodness and prayers that just keep going. There is too much ugliness in the world. So, yeah, let’s out pace it!


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