Following God One Step at a Time

Bread and Wine feeds our hunger

on April 21, 2017


“Bread and Wine” is a collection of short reflections by various authors such as Oscar Wilde, Oswald Chambers, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Barbara Brown Taylor, Martin Luther, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, Philip Yancey, Henri Nouwen, and many others.  The collection is on several broad topics – Invitation, Temptation, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and New Life.  Although the intent of the book is to be read during Lent and on past Easter, these reflections are timeless, because Jesus Christ is timeless.

I read this book during Lent this year and in the week after Easter, but not in order.  I read them by author, and by topic.  Some I enjoyed greatly, and a few did not speak much to me.  I enjoyed using them to prepare for Easter, to feel gratitude, and to give Easter the celebration that Jesus deserves.  Everyone will find nuggets in the many different perspectives of these authors.  Although each piece stands alone, there is the overall feel of awe and respect and gratitude for Jesus Christ.

The authors talk about the purpose of Jesus coming to this world was to save us, and to be an example for us to shape our life with.  There also are discussions about the Holy Spirit, and our waiting for the Spirit, because (John 14:26) Jesus said, “The Holy Spirit will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.”  Jesus told us the truth.

The authors in this book try to explain Jesus Christ’s love.  By doing so they invoke feelings of sorrow, regret, relief, gratitude, hope, joy… This book took me in so many directions, yet it all led to Jesus.  I could not read more than 1 or 2 of the readings in a day.  I let them settle into my mind and soul.  Then the next day, I wanted to read more. 

This book is about Jesus and His relationship with us.  This book will bring you into a place of peace, love, freedom, healing, and purpose for your life.  Our relationship with God is what matters most of all.  That is what gives our life purpose.

So get this book, dip into it when you hunger for peace, for direction, for relief.

— It will feed your heart and mind well.

>Click HERE to get a copy.  Enjoy!

There also is a similar book written to prepare for Christmas. 

Take a >look at it HERE.

Just a note — A friend of mine recommended the book “Bread and Wine”, so I borrowed a copy from the local library.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  I think you will too.


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