Following God One Step at a Time

Easter Monday

on April 17, 2017


Have you ever celebrated the Monday after Easter? – Neither have I.

Today in prayer it struck me that the first Easter Sunday was not a day of celebration.

We celebrate Easter Sunday because Jesus arose from the dead.  As believers we acknowledge Good Friday as the day Jesus died.  Good Friday is considered “good” since we know the outcome of the cross.  None of Christ’s followers would have called that day good.  Jesus was crucified and died and they had no hope left.   To us today Easter Sunday is the day Jesus proved all the doubters and haters wrong.  From then on Christians would consider Easter Sunday as a joyous church celebration!

For the early Christ followers, that Sunday morning there was nothing to celebrate. 

When the two women went to the grave that Sunday morning to honor Jesus and use more oils on his body, they were mourning his death. (>Mark 16:1-3) They were grieving and probably afraid and without hope.  Yes, they were later happy when they saw Jesus in person; however, that day did not start out well.

But Easter Monday morning followers of Jesus would awake with joy! 

The Monday morning sun would greet them with hope and excitement about what Jesus would do now that he was alive again.  (>Matthew 28:8-10) Yes that Monday morning had more to celebrate.  Monday morning would be a day of rejoicing and sharing the good news that Jesus the Christ was alive!

So now I see that on Easter Monday I should praise God for we have the good news every day now.  We do not have to wait until Easter Monday to greet the sun with joy and hope.  We know the good news every day – That Jesus Christ saved us from sin and redeemed us with His blood so we will live in Heaven forever after we leave this world in death.  We know that Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to teach us what Jesus taught and help us make good choices. (>John 14:26-27)  We know that we are holy and blameless in God’s eyes, because Jesus has covered us with His righteousness.  We know we are loved and forgiven by our God. (Read this Scripture for encouragement >Ephesians 1:3-10)

So this Easter Monday I rejoice! 

I am glad to greet this day that God has made for us.  Easter Monday is time for a new start, time for renewed strength, time for moving forward on our journey through this life toward our new life in Heaven.   May we bring as many others with us as we can through sharing the good news and encouraging other Christ followers. 

May the multitudes of Christ followers reach Heaven knocking on the door rejoicing for what Easter Monday has given us every day from that first Easter Monday on toward forever!


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