Following God One Step at a Time

Why Me?

on April 10, 2017


Have you been there?

Sometimes it seems that no one is doing what is needed to address a problem.   Then I realize that it is because God is waiting for me to act. 

It may not be comfortable to step up, but sometimes we are put in a position “for such a time as this”.  

Lately I have seen several references to this Scripture from >Esther 4:14.  Esther was a highly esteemed Queen, so only she could get the job done to help her people.  This has reminded me that several times I was put in place at the right time and in the right position to do what was needed.  Although it can be uncomfortable, the outcome is gratifying, knowing I did what was right, and I did it for God and His people.

One time I was leading a cancer support group at church.  When a member of the group dies of cancer, several members would attend the memorial service, representing our group to the family.  My priority was to be supportive of the grieving family first.  When one member decided it was taking too long for the family to plan the memorial of a friend in the group, she planned a memorial at our church, and publicized it to family and friends of the dead woman.  The family was very upset, as they didn’t want people not to come to the family’s memorial service that they were planning.  I stepped up and got the memorial at our church cancelled.  This made a few people in our group mad, but it was the right thing to do.   The family’s wishes needed to come first.  The family was very appreciative of what I did, and I was able to attend their memorial service with several other group members and many family members and friends.

Another time I led a prayer ministry at a church, when the church was divided on an issue of salary for ministers there.  There was anger, and suspicion, and some people left the church.  I stepped up and started a weekly prayer group at the church to pray for the church, its elders, and ministers.  After a couple months, the issue was resolved by a change in staffing.  It worked out well for everyone, even though we had to wade through turmoil first.  The only way to find a solution was prayer, and I was leading the prayer ministry at the time.

There have also been a couple work situations where unfair, sometimes even illegal practices were occurring.  I have had to stand up when others would not take a stand.  I have risked losing my job, in order to do the right thing.  In one job situation it was obvious to me that I was the only real Christian there, or at least the only one willing to make it known.  I would pray on my way to work every day for the workplace and the employees.  I knew God wanted me to stay and take a Christian stand.  It was hard, but eventually God found a way for me to leave with pay, and soon after the company went bankrupt from some of their unwise practices and legal problems.  God knows what is best, although we may be unsure until the turmoil is all over.

Sometimes we need to look around and see who is in the right position to do something about the problem.  If it is you, pray for courage, and step up to do what is right.  You will see in the end, that God will bring good results.

Are you in a “for such a time as this” position right now?  Let me know in the comments below and I will pray for you.


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