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Quitting the Internet

on March 31, 2017

WhatFallsFromtheSky EstherEmeryL

“What Falls From the Sky” by Esther Emery is not about rain or snow.  It’s about what God blesses us with.  The author found God again after thinking she no longer believed.  How did she do that?

She gave up the internet for one year!

Esther did not give up the internet to find God.  She wanted to get rid of so many distractions, and find herself and be happy again.  Her marriage was struggling and she needed to decide where her life was going.  Her life was too busy, and she needed some rest.  –All of this led to her deciding to give up the internet (no cell phone, no blog, no Facebook…)

It changed her life in many unexpected ways!

I went through this book pretty fast.  I loved seeing how no internet was changing her and her relationships.  The middle of the book bogged down in details a bit, but then it picked up again as she realized her life was changing for the better, so much better.

Seeing the sky and nature again was a surprise to her.  She came from the west and loved the outdoors, but when she got a job, a good job, she forgot about the outdoors.  She became immersed in the internet. 

When she gave up the internet, she found herself looking at the sky again, and wanting to go outdoors and spend time in nature.  She also found herself wanting to connect to people in person, not through a screen.

Some of the things she has to do while living without the internet, are learning to read a map again to get where she wants to go, reading books (paperbacks not Kindle), and cooking from scratch.  It is fun reading about each thing she comes to that she used to do on a computer or on a cell phone, and what she decides to do now instead. 

Who knew how entangled we have become with the internet and our cell phones?!  Did you know? 

It is an eye-opener to read about Esther’s experience.

I am hoping Esther will write another book about her life now that she lives so differently than before.  Yes her whole life has changed, and I want to know what happens next!

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One response to “Quitting the Internet

  1. What would you miss the most if you gave up the internet and your cell phone? I would miss the pictures of my grandkids!


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