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Chasing God

on March 24, 2017


“Chasing God” by Angie Smith

I started reading the book “Chasing God” by Angie Smith over a year ago, and decided to try finishing it.  –

I am so glad I did!

Although the beginning chapters were basic for me, the last half of the book was filled with good information and insights.  Angie includes several places where a word or phrase is used for the first time in the Bible.  I enjoyed that information, because it shows the importance of that circumstance, and the reason it is set apart, or illustrates the beginning of a shift in focus or purpose.  These places in the Bible are full of rich insights.

Angie also talks about her shift in focus, when she stops chasing God, and instead experiences His love, and learns to trust Him.  She spent years chasing God, thinking she wasn’t smart enough to understand Him, so she kept trying to prove she deserved His love by trying to do what she thought she must.  She would read the Bible beginning to end, and try to do it in less time.  She would chastise herself for not reading more, and not studying more. 

The day she stopped chasing after God is a beautiful bitter-sweet moment in her life. I will not spoil it by revealing it here.

Angie’s story of Chasing God takes us through her early experiences with God, and what she learned through the process.  It takes us through her life to the result today – a deep rich faith in God.

She runs through many good topics in the process – our will vs God’s will, platitudes that are not really true, our relationship with the Father, what binds us together with God, the place of memorial, writing this book… all leading to a change in perspective by following Jesus not chasing Him, a change in attitude by forgiving others and trusting God, and finding God’s love and grace and her own strong faith.

I will tell you one insight that surprised me.  When Thomas asked Jesus how they would find Him when He went away, Jesus says that they already know the way. Thomas said we don’t know where that is.  Angie points out, the place is not on a map, it is the person of Jesus ChristThere is not a road to get to Heaven, but the Son of God.  He is the way.  Awesome explanation!

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3 responses to “Chasing God

  1. Have you read any other books by Angie? Which do you recommend?


  2. Sounds good! Love your book reviews.


    • Thanks Erin! I’m glad you like my book reviews. I try to give the reader a good idea of what the book is about, so they can decide if they want to read it. But also, I try to give them at least 1 take away from the book that I include in the review, just in case they never read the book. I appreciate you stopping to tell me what you think.


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