Following God One Step at a Time

Days of Confusion

on March 20, 2017



I have been in confusion lately, not knowing who is telling the truth. 

I have quit watching the news on TV, and stopped reading the news on the internet!  This has been very calming for my nerves, since I have less to decipher, less to analyze, less to confuse me.  This post is talking to me for my own clarity.  Hopefully it is helpful to you too.

Today it is so easy to become confused about what is true.  There are so many stories and accusations being spread around. 

Who can we believe?

Can we believe the FBI? The news on TV? Congress? Government spokespersons? Discussions on Facebook or Twitter?

The world is filled with deceit, but Jesus Christ teaches truth. 

Do not be deceived! 

Do not follow any group or political party.  Follow Jesus Christ.

The devil and all his followers and associates are deceivers.

If we are not certain who is telling the truth, seek God’s guidance.

Cry out to God for help, for only He can overcome any problem, any confusion.

Our intelligence alone is not enough.  We need God, who knows the truth.  The truth will set us free from fear and deception.

Let no one but God lead you.

“Trust in God with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways, seek God and He will guide your path.” >(Proverbs 3:5-6)

I will keep repeating this to myself, whenever I feel confused.  I will keep praying to God for help.  I will keep asking God what I should do.  I will seek peace from God in prayer every morning.

From now on, I will not believe any government office response that has motivation to lie or hide the truth.  I will not believe anything any one person or group posts on the internet, since I do not know their source of informationI will not believe TV news concerning any controversial circumstance, unless all news channels agree.  I will seek out expert testimony whenever possible. 

I will be patient for the truth to be revealed, and not jump to conclusions before all the evidence is in!

I want to be set free from confusion and doubt, but I also do not want to be deceived!     I do not want to be easily duped into believing lies.  I will seek the truth.

This is my tactic to fight the deceit being practiced by so many people. 


One response to “Days of Confusion

  1. Was this post useful to you? What is most helpful to you to find truth when surrounded by lies?


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