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Choose Just One Thing

on March 13, 2017


Every day we have choices.  But we all have one choice that we avoid.  Just one choice that we know would be difficult, but it would change our life, and change our relationships with friends and family.

What is “just one thing”?

For some people, they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol or cigarettes.  For them choosing to give up just that one thing, would make a huge difference in their life.  Just that one thing would benefit every one of their close family and friends too.  These people will find they have better health, more money left to pay bills, and friends and family who want to spend more time with them.

Some people spend all their time working.  For them choosing to quit working at 5 p.m. would have dramatic benefits in their life.  They may be surprised to find out that their family misses seeing them and doing fun things together.  Their own health will improve too, choosing just that one thing.

Maybe some people need to quit loafing and get a job.  These people will gain self-respect, and the people who have been giving them a place to stay or giving them money, will be glad to not have to take care of them anymore. 

Others may need to quit spending money on unnecessary things like jewelry, clothes, video games, and lottery tickets.  They will prevent headaches from stress of not being able to pay all the bills.  They will have money to spend on healthier food and to even save some money.

Another just one thing could be quit arguing.  Or quit criticizing people.  Or quit blaming people for your problems.

You probably know just one thing you need to give up.  If you don’t know, ask a family member or close friend, and believe me, they will be able to tell you what your just one thing is.

So why should you choose to give up just one thing?

You don’t want to lose your friends and be avoided by family.  You don’t want to end up broke, maybe even homeless.  You don’t want to become so sick you can’t get out of bed.  You don’t want to live hating yourself and your life.  You don’t want to come to the end of your life with a ton of regrets for all that you missed, because you did not give up just one thing.

So, what is your “just one thing” that you need to give up? 

 Tell me in the comments below, and I will pray for you to have the strength to choose to give it up now.  And I will pray that if you have fail one day, that you will find the courage to try again the next day, and that you won’t give up trying.  Your life and your relationships with your friends and family, are more important than your just one thing.

Yesterday I chose to give up just one thing – criticizing people.  I have made it two days now.  I am learning better things I can say, and I am biting my tongue to avoid saying anything critical of someone.  I am trying to imagine what a difference this will make in my life, and in the life of my husband and friends.  I have been avoiding this problem, and making excuses, but I know I need to give up “just this one thing”.  I know that God wants me to make this choice.  I know that God will give me the strength and wisdom to be able to do this.

I am challenging you, to make the choice to give up “just one thing”. 

What are you waiting for?

>Click “How To Change” for encouragement and more information.

(This will take you to a great article by Joyce Meyer.)


4 responses to “Choose Just One Thing

  1. Erin says:

    Your challenge is such an excellent one, especially your personal challenge to give up criticism. I am not Catholic, but am observing Lent. For me giving up Dairy and Gluten has been a bit consuming so I am also trying to incorporate doing one good thing for a particular person who talked about me. The person has not changed (yet) but each day I do a good deed for her, it is becoming easier. Thank you for all the wonderful information on your site and for the links to articles by one of my favorite teachers- Joyce Meyer. May God richly bless you as you bless others.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I love the idea of doing a good deed each day for someone who has hurt you! That is truly a selfless thing to do. That is the very kind of thing that will prepare you for Easter. That is really what Lent is about. I have had a few glitches on my challenge of not criticizing, but I just keep trying each day, and I forgive myself when I fall into the old habit of being critical. Yes, I really enjoy Joyce Meyer’s teachings too! God is blessing both of us this Lent season.


  2. Yes, He is! God is always good and always faithful! Have a wonderful weekend!


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